How Explainer Videos Can Help Your Corporate Rebranding

Written by Grant Polachek | January 04 2023

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Corporate Rebranding – A great brand is a business’s most valuable assets. Why? That’s because a great brand identity is a foundation for every other success any company can achieve.

And the best way to communicate your brand’s identity to your target customers is by creating visually appealing written and video content. Releasing fun and exciting video content is the best path to establishing a solid line of communication with your target customers and facilitating your corporate rebranding.

A great example was how Meta’s launch video communicated the company’s vision, mission, goals, and the unique service they’d provide their users. No matter what your reason for corporate rebranding is—whether you’re pivoting, releasing a new product, or escaping a scandal—your business must make an impact with its new identity. And the best way you can achieve that is by using explainer videos.

That said, let’s explore how videos can help large corporations execute a flawless corporate rebranding.

1. Explainer Videos Communicate Your Brand’s Message

The primary goal of creating great video content is to visually communicate specific messages that require a hands-on approach. And this comes in especially handy for businesses looking for corporate rebranding as explainer videos are a great tool to share their new vision and message.

Videos are considered one the most effective tool for content marketing. And when coupled with the fact that the most abstract content can be presented simply and engagingly with beautiful imagery, soothing music, and engaging audio, explainer videos are the go-to channel for any business looking to communicate its refined purpose and identity.

An excellent example is how Grammarly’s explainer video showcases how their writing app takes a fun and creative approach to show users how their tools can help them solve everyday writing problems. One tool that can enhance your video creation process is the smart timing engine. This smart voice processing technology analyzes your voice and helps smoothly combine voiceovers with videos, saving precious editing time.
Team members communicating corporate rebranding through video.

2. Explainer Videos Improve Audience Engagement and facilitate Corporate Rebranding

The average audience can recall at least 95% of the message viewed from an animated explainer video but can only recall 10% of written content. In addition, most individuals consider explainer videos less stressful, time-consuming, and convenient.

So naturally, most audiences are attracted to video content, and most will prefer them over reading written content. And thanks to platforms like YouTube and TikTok, we’re seeing a massive rise in online traffic generated by video content.

Like Instagram’s rebrand video, creating great videos that communicate the soul and passion of your brand is the best way to engage with your core audience visually and show—not tell—them what’s in store for them as your business rebrands.

3. Explainer Videos Increase Brand Awareness

It’s critical to understand while rebranding your business that the more awareness your business can gather in the industry, the more successful it can become. Corporate rebranding is only successful if it considers the core demographic.

And by creating fun, exciting videos, your content stands a higher chance of going viral and reaching a wider audience. This way, you can tell your story, show your brand’s unique personality, attract new customers, build customer trust, and boost retention. Tommee Tippee, a UK-based childcare brand, understood that the US market was already saturated with tons of major childcare brands and products, and that if their brand was to survive, it needed to make a powerful statement.

So, how did they do that? Simple. They launched their business by releasing a compelling ad for their new, limited edition product, Advice Wipes, which was created by gathering, mulching, pulping, and transforming 16,000 baby books and 11,000 magazines into baby wipes.

Tommee Tippee – Advice Wipes (Here’s what to do with parenting advice) – McCann

Viral video content increases traffic conversion rates, results in better SEO ranking, and more loyal customers. And this is especially the case for companies with premium domain names since customers find it easier to recall, search, and recommend such domains.
Explainer Video With Hand Motion.

Take Your Corporate Rebranding to the Next Level

Your goal when rebranding your business should be to strengthen the bond your business has with its customer base, and one trusted way you can achieve that is by using your explainer video to first; show customers what they love about your old brand and then reveal how your new brand identity builds on those qualities.

Explainer videos is a powerful communication, engagement, and rebranding tool that your business cannot afford to ignore. And when you add to their ability to communicate messages visually, capture audience attention easily and increase brand awareness, explainer videos are a great way to take your corporate rebranding journey to the next level.
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