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eLearning with simpleshow combines storytelling with engaging interactions –
because we learn more easily when we are actively involved.


Interactive Video Berlin Marathon

Level 2

BMW Berlin-Marathon

Poncho and Clothing Drop Off

Level 2

International Labour Organization (ILO)
Value Chain Development

Women Access to Justice

Level 2


Women’s Access to Justice

Level 2

– 5S-Principle –

Level 3

Red Cross
First Aid

Level 3

Bayer AG
Bayer Standards Library

Level 3

Drug Development

eLearning with simpleshow

As the market leader, we have provided the best explanations since 2008.
Our experiences organically extend to our interactive solutions.

We understand the challenges posed by the digital world.
That’s why we combine engaging stories with a simplistic style of interactive video – making understanding easier.

With our 3 levels, we have a suitable format for any learning objective.
You can rely on us to develop a unique blueprint that meets all your needs. simpleshow interactive guarantees a truly captivating learning experience!

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