Turn your viewer into a participant with interactive videos

We apply our proven methods for simplification to eLearning to increase engagement and enhance retention. Our experts will design an interactive learning experience specifically for your audience.

Interactive elements that increase engagement

When you add interactive elements to training or eLearning, you’re able to appeal to various learning styles and improve retention with information recall. The best part is that it’s fun and entertaining for your audience. No matter what topic you want to communicate, interactive videos with clickable elements will enhance the user experience.
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With attention spans decreasing amongst audiences, we break down dense content into easily digestible bits of information utilizing custom made dashboards, short animated clips, and interactive activities to keep the audience engaged.
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Engaging activities

Our interactive framework creates truly unique interactive experiences that are unlike anything else in the industry. Our expert creative team will conceptualize a diverse blend of interactive elements and activities to ensure information is delivered effectively.
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Gamification activities

Provide your audience with a true sense of progress and achievement with gamification videos. Strategic elements not only make the experience entertaining, they also motivate your learners and improve collaboration.
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Knowledge checks

To ensure users are engaged and retention is maximized, our tailor made interactive courses can include quizzes that report directly to your learning management system with feedback to guide the user if necessary

Why use interactive experiences

An illustration of a head with a light bulb on it symbolizing knowledge retention

Increase information retention

Make your message more memorable with interactive videos that demand audience participation. Retention will increase with every interaction.
A set of elements symbolizing how interactive videos can be personalized with various elements to fit the need of every audience

Create a personalized video experience

Interactive videos allow you the highest degree of personalization. Appeal to every audience and learning style with customized elements.
A blue globe with a graduation cap on it symbolizing eLearning on the go with the help of interactive videos

Reduce barriers to learning

Enable your audience to learn whenever and however they wish with eLearning on the go. Our format allows users to access content across devices and on their own time.
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Keep your audience on their toes

The mix of storytelling and interactive elements keep your audience’s attention. Make sure that your viewers come back for more.

How interactive videos come to life

A blue icon containing a speech bubble dialogue symbolizing the first step of the interactive videos creation process



Here’s where we get to work on your concept! From ideas and strategy to script and storyboard. It’s a collaborative effort and you have unlimited rounds of revisions!
A green icon containing a gear and light bulb depicting the second step of the interactive videos creation process


Concept development

Once the storyboard is approved, you can lean back and relax while we prepare your interactive experience. Each product is thoroughly tested before launch.
An orange icon containing a finger clicking on a set of elements depicting the third step in creation process


Design and production

Challenge our creativity with your vibrant ideas. Don’t have a ready-to-go concept yet? Don’t worry. We can help you figure out what is the best solution for your topic.

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