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Understanding made easy –
with simpleshow interactive

eLearning by simpleshow combines storytelling with engaging interactions – because being active makes learning easier!

eLearning that’s as individual as you are!

You want to build eLearning from scratch or take an existing training initiative to the next level? How about an explainer video with clickable interactive elements to keep users on their toes? Or easily digestible microlearning to diversify their learning experience? How about this: a complete learning journey with exciting gamification? With simpleshow interactive, contemporary learning has never been easier. Whatever you choose, we’ll design an effective, entertaining, and sustainable multimedia learning environment for your audience!

Interactive Videos

Explainer video with clickable,
interactive elements

Learning Nuggets

Tasty, short learning nuggets
deliver your message


Exciting gamification solutions
with optimal engagement

With simpleshow interactive, you benefit from transparent per-minute prices, free of hidden costs.
No matter which format or style you choose, one thing can be guaranteed – simpleshow quality.

Challenge us!

Multimedia, micro, and mobile –
advanced eLearning with simpleshow interactive

Modern eLearning that’s fully customized and fun, that’s simpleshow interactive. We combine the scientifically proven educational approach of simpleshow with interactive elements and eLearning methods. The result is a multimedia eLearning experience from the explanation experts!

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Wherever reliable knowledge transfer is required, we offer convincing digital solutions.

simpleshow interactive is the answer to the challenges of the digital age. It offers the right solution for every target group and learning objective. This type of multimedia learning can be used in various areas, for example:

  • Compliance and data protection
  • Process and product trainings, product explanations
  • Marketing, Sales, and PR
  • Occupational safety and health training
  • Change Management
  • IT Trainings

…and many more.

simpleshow interactive

The simpleshow interactive format shines with its diversity

Interactive Video Berlin Marathon

BMW Berlin-Marathon
Poncho and Clothing Drop Off

International Labour Organization
Value Chain Development

Women Access to Justice

Women’s Access to Justice

– 5S-Principle –

Red Cross
First Aid

Bayer AG
Bayer Standards Library

Drug Development

How does it work?

1. Briefing

If you have any further questions, we would be happy to have a preliminary consultation with you. If you already know what we can do for you, we can start with a topic discussion right away! There, our explanation experts will explore your content and offer advice on the best type of eLearning for your target audience.

2. Concept development

Here’s where we get to work on your concept! We start by outlining our initial ideas and strategy for your topic. Then we’ll create a detailed script and storyboard for the project including customized illustrations for our videos and interactions. It’s a collaborative effort in which you have unlimited rounds of revision!

3. Design and production

After it’s approved, we begin producing the videos and developing your customized interactions. Then, you will have the opportunity to test the product in your IT environment before receiving the final interactive product from us.

Why interactive?

1. Learning bit by bit

Tasty learning nuggets are easily digestible! Even the busiest people can find time for microlearning. Small, modular learning units are perfect for modern eLearning and easy to keep up to date.

2. Storytelling for successful learning

Ensure your target audience retains their learning with content that’s anchored by an engaging story. Its emotional appeal adds a high degree of receptiveness and acceptance. This form of knowledge transfer has been tried and tested for thousands of years – and finds its contemporary application in eLearning.

3. Ready to learn – anytime and anywhere

Today’s employees learn best with Learning-On-Demend. Our eLearning format enables users to access content across devices and on their own time – mobile learning at it’s best!

4. It’s all in the mix!

Blended learning is the future! Classic, offline training formats combined with the possibilities of eLearning creates the optimal learning experience. simpleshow interactive enriches your classroom courses with explainer videos and interactive elements. This creates diverse learning paths with maximum efficiency!

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