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Learning doesn’t have to be boring. Bring some excitement and variety to the classroom with the ability to explain complex topics in an entertaining way with animated explainer videos. See how knowledge retention improves with simpleshow Classroom!

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Build student skill sets

simpleshow not only enhances how students learn, it also helps to teach communication tactics, presentation skills, and creativity techniques.
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Teach the world

Use simpleshow Classroom with your students or create learning videos to contribute to open educational resources. Introduce, summarize, and explain topics worth sharing.
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Hands-on learning

Empower your students to create their own simpleshow explainer videos. Encourage them to push their creative limits and think outside the box.

Explainer videos for educators and students

We believe in the value of explainer videos to improve knowledge retention and want every educator and student to have access to create their own explainer videos. We make it possible with simpleshow Classroom.

  • Free classroom plan for teachers and students
  • Full scope of features available
  • Unlimited video creation
  • Classroom collaboration with up to 50 users
  • Wide range of education-related storyline templates
  • Full admin access to all videos created
  • Access to free educational content on storytelling, simplification, communication, and more

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