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With simpleshow video maker you can create great explainer videos and share them all. Our Explainer Engine transforms your English and German texts into visuals. Find your right plan below.


Simply create great videos

  • Create unlimited videos
  • Receive a public video page
  • Benefit from our storyline templates and our 'auto-magical' visualization
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Individual team sizes and access

Make your own startup video with mysimpleshow
  • Choose your team size
  • Download HD video file
  • Remove branding
  • Privacy Control
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Use your video for your business

per month (incl. VAT)

per month (incl. VAT)

Save 34% with annual billing

/ year

  • Remove the watermark
  • Download HD video file
  • Privacy settings
  • Individualize your closing frames
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Collaborate together

per month (incl. VAT)

per month (incl. VAT)

Save 20% with annual billing

/ year

  • Enjoy all Business benefits
  • Add your own watermark
  • Edit subtitles
  • Use own background music
  • Transfer your videos to a 3rd party
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Work with your class
(up to 50 students)

  • Collaborate in a team
  • Manage your uploaded images
  • Edit subtitles
  • Choose between 4 English and 2 German automated speakers
  • Choose from 5 background music tracks
  • Get a public video page
  • Use the scribble gallery
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Make your own startup video with mysimpleshow
Your company needs access to individually adaptable team sizes and simpleshow services?
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Your educational institution wants to create great videos for school or university?
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Create unlimited videos in 20+ languages
Let AI write your video script
Choose from all storyline templates
Auto-magical visualization
Add subtitles
Use animated scribble effectslimitedlimited
Use entire scribble database
Download simpleshow videos
Download quality HDHDHD
SCORM download
Edit subtitles
Manage uploaded images
Create videos in two illustration styles


Number of English automated speakers1131010
Number of international automated speakerslimitedlimitedlimited
Number of background music tracks 355
Record or upload your own voiceover
Automated timing synchronization
Adjust the volume of different audio tracks
Use your own background music


Adjust scribble color
Individualize closing frames
Choose from different animation formats
Number of skin colors for hand animations11777
Set a background color
Upload your own background
Fully animated backgrounds limited
Use your own font
Upload your own watermark
Edit subtitles


Privacy for your videos
Removal of the watermark
Commercial rights
Authorization for transfer to third parties
Invite commenters to projects


SSO (by request)
Participate in exclusive webinars & workshops
Benefit from a dedicated personal contact
Telephone support
Individual team sizes
Collaborate on projects

Frequently asked questions

For Enterprise plans, we offer payment by invoice. Business, and Pro subscription plans can be paid using PayPal or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). Please note: payment by PayPal is only possible for annual subscriptions.

Monthly subscriptions are charged every month until they are canceled. An annual subscription is charged once a year until it is canceled. By selecting an annual subscription, you will be granted a significant discount compared to the per year price of a monthly subscription.

You can always use our free plan. We believe that a world where knowledge is accessible to everyone is a better place to work and live in. This is why we offer a free plan with a limited set of features that will allow you to share your knowledge in explainer videos. Since the simpleshow video maker team cannot live on love alone, we offer subscription options with extended features that will get the WOW into your videos. To learn more, please take a look at the subscription plans above.

The Enterprise plan offers team collaboration features. For a custom quote, please contact us.

After you cancel your paid subscription, you will keep access to and will still be permitted to use your completed videos. However, you will no longer be able to edit any of the videos created in the paid plan. If you decide to subscribe again later, you will be able to edit the projects again. So nothing gets lost.

If you really only need one single video, please select a monthly subscription plan and cancel it after you have finished your project. We’d be sad to see you go, but well, sometimes you only need that one video, right?

Our team is here to answer your questions. Email us at support@simpleshow.com.

Frequently asked questions

We believe that a world where knowledge is accessible to everyone is a better place to work and live in. This is why we offer a free Classroom plan with a comprehensive set of features that will allow pupils, students and teachers to share knowledge in explainer videos. Please be aware that only schools and universities are eligible for this free offer. If you want to create videos for personal or business purposes, please refer to our other plans.

The Classroom subscription plan contains a comprehensive set of features. We are especially proud of the fact that you can invite up to 50 team members into your account that can create their own projects and collaborate on each other's projects. Furthermore, you have unlimited access to all illustrations, effects, background music tracks, hand animations and sound features. Also, you can record your own voice.

After you signed up for the Classroom subscription plan, send us a document that proves that you are either a pupil, student, teacher or professor. Every document that contains both your name and the name of the institute that you are enrolled in is valid; e.g. a student ID or a document of your institute.

Go to settings and click on "Team Overview" on the left-hand side. On your team page, you can do things like change your team name, set your team color or invite others to join your team account. Clicking on "Invite another user" let's you invite up to 50 team members. Your team members will receive an e-mail and can then start creating their own videos right away!

Your team exceeds 50 team members? Don't worry! Just contact us via e-mail and tell us the size of your team. We will then increase the max. amount of team members for your account within a few days.