We explain every topic

For over 10 years, we have used our head, heart and hand to explain complex topics in a simple way. We have a global team of over 100 experts spread over 3 continents that are ready to solve all your explainer problems and offer solutions. We always deliver on providing explanations that are as simple as possible and as complex as necessary. Excellent service? You have our word!


What solution is best for you? Explainer video or interactive experience?

Simple, concise and entertaining: that’s how an explainer video should be. To effectively communicate your message, we have analyzed and perfected our formula again and again. Science and our customers agree: an explainer video from simpleshow really makes a difference!

Didactics is our second name. We combine storytelling and interaction to create playful interactive experiences. No need to block hours on a busy schedule– we are able to create engaging and informative interactives that positively impact busy schedules and limited time.

It all depends on the inner values

Understanding your message, your target group, and your budget will help you decide which explainer video format is right for you. We can help you find the solution that works best for your needs, and each method will leave a lasting impression on its viewers.

Where to use an explainer video

An explainer video is the perfect choice for diverse branches of corporate communications, including internal communications, eLearning and marketing communications

A simpleshow video works wonders as a marketing medium. It is a great way to present a novel product, an innovative service or even your company as a whole in an intuitive, approachable light.

A marketing video by simpleshow can be specifically tailored to attract your target audience’s attention. simpleshows also make excellent corporate videos, TV adverts, or website video clips for conversion optimisation.

Necessary internal communications regarding company rules and guidelines, compliance, and risk management can often be time-consuming.

simpleshow takes on the challenge to not only provide the relevant information, but also to convey it efficiently and effectively. This also applies to employee trainings, change management, or topics on human resources.

simpleshow creates new paths for successful knowledge transfer and eLearning. Small, digestible knowledge chunks known as “learning nuggets” or micro-learning, as well as complete eLearning experiences, are provided.

The learning results when using simpleshow are scientifically proven and, in terms of modern knowledge transfer, we are unbeatable.

Our production process

Produced in three simple steps

1. Script

After a briefing with your team and our writers, we condense your message into a charming story that everyone understands.

2. Storyboard

At this stage, we visualize the script alongside our hand-drawn illustrations that will appear in your video.

3. Production

After you approve the storyboard, you can relax, while we produce your explainer video. We will deliver your finished simpleshow in the file format you need.

Our clients know best

Thorsten Janotta

“The collaboration was very professional. The result is a highly enjoyable video well received by the workforce.”

Dr.-Ing. Karl-Heinz Heußner
Robert Bosch GmbH

“The simpleshow team has done a good job. The creative ideas were really impressive. Everyone enjoys learning with simpleshow.”

Erin Ruskin

“Thank you for everything. It was a pleasure working with such an accommodating, patient and professional company.”

Gordon Morrison
Bayer Crop Science Division

“I like the simpleshow format and the current show is extremely well received by our customers.”

Ilka Voigt
BMW Group

“We are very satisfied with the end result and are really looking forward to working with simpleshow again in the future.”

Werner Schwabe
Siemens AG

“We are extremely satisfied with our simpleshow video. The project was a huge success and has made our lives much easier.”

Ruben Reyes

“A fantastic and unique way to deliver a product message or create a learning module in an easy to understand and memorable way.”

Stefan Leisner
Deutsche Börse AG

“The simpleshow production has been a huge success, even leading to a round of applause when presented in the office for the first time.”

Bob Rumé
Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois

“The video was not only extremely well received by the management team and our trainers, but my daughters loved it too!”

Dr. Christina Mertens
Bayer Animal Health GmbH

“I was truly delighted with the fantastic end result! The reaction from my team was very positive. Thank you very much for all your hard work!”

Björn Willms
Unitymedia NRW GmbH

“We are very happy with the simpleshows. The teamwork was very professional and we are looking forward to new projects.”

Falk Herbst

Consultant eLearning Human Resources Development, Rossmann

“We use mysimpleshow mainly to illustrate our eTrainings. The tool is particularly suitable for the introduction of complicated topics.”

Kirstin Zellmer

IT Specialist IT Knowledge Management & Training, ESPRIT

“We were immediately fascinated by how quickly we were able to create high-quality explainer videos. We successfully use the videos as icebreakers to introduce new processes or to brief our staff.”

Khoi Doan

General Director, Kennzeichenking

“My team and I are fascinated with mysimpleshow. With mysimpleshow we can explain complex and “dry” topics in a simple and entertaining way. Not only did we receive great feedback by our customers, the number of visitors to our online shop increased as well. The intuitive user interface of mysimpleshow enables us to integrate it seamlessly into our marketing processes. Altogether, a must-use recommendation!”

Martin Rolf

Head of IT Methods & Training, Miele & Cie. KG

“With the help of the mysimpleshow explainer videos, we managed to dramatically increase the interest of our IT colleagues in our methods. We have seen an 80% increase of accesses to our methods showroom. We particularly like the extremely user-friendly operation of the tool and the many possibilities to visualize and vocalize our topics. A smart application!”

Julie Overrein

Student, Sandvika school

“Using mysimpleshow to make school presentations is a dream. I can make any type of presentation, and it takes much less time than making slideshows or movies! The tutorial videos will show you how to use all the features in the program. Eventhough I might use a pre-made storyline, I know that I can always make the presentation my own with my special traits.”

James Kieft

Group Learning and Development Manager

“With mysimpleshow I have found a easy to use tool that lets me and my students create engaging presentations. It also provides students with an opportunity to practice and develop their writing skills and their use of punctuation, if not correctly applied the text to speech function just reads it as a series of words and not as sentence.”

James Kieft

Group Learning and Development Manager

“With mysimpleshow I have found a easy to use tool that lets me and my students create engaging presentations. It also provides students with an opportunity to practice and develop their writing skills and their use of punctuation, if not correctly applied the text to speech function just reads it as a series of words and not as sentence.”

Debra Finger

Assistant Director of Educational Technology Lower School Technology Coach The Shipley School

“What I love about mysimpleshow is the ease of use – you can start from a template, from scratch, or from your own Power Point. mysimpleshow suggests images based on your text, and then you can use, change, or add as you see fit. There are tutorials provided each step of the way, and the finished product looks and sounds professional. It is a great tool!”

Kelly Chase


“I used mysimpleshow with my year 9 class studying Civics and they absolutely loved the tool. They thought it was incredibly fun and easy and liked the guiding templates. They thought it was an efficient way to get an assignment done.”

Jan Ullmann

Coordinator self-study course “FLIP English” at language center Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

“We are very impressed how well mysimpleshow already worked in one of its first versions. Using it is extremely easy & there are little explainer videos to help you along the way. We especially like the didactic assistance during production and that the software handles complex and time-consuming tasks (e.g. clip art searches) for you.”

Nancy Penchev

Media and Instructional Tech Coordinator

“I found out about mysimpleshow at a meeting with fellow educators and fell in love! My students created amazing videos that looked professionally done, within a single 45 minute class period. I am so glad I found this tool. I have added it to my arsenal of tech tools and have begun sharing it during my conference presentations as well.”

More happy clients

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