Create explainer videos simply and quickly

Video creation doesn’t have to be difficult. With a comprehensive platform powered by AI, simpleshow helps you create effective videos without the hassle. Discover the easy-to-use simpleshow video maker features.

Create explainer videos simply and quickly

Video creation doesn’t have to be difficult. With a comprehensive platform powered by AI, simpleshow helps you create effective videos without the hassle. Discover the easy to use features of the simpleshow platform.

Text to video

You no longer need to spend countless hours on content creation.
Our text to video technology creates a video draft in seconds from the text you enter into the tool.
A moving image depicting the artificial intelligence that turns text into video

The Explainer Engine

Enter your script and then let our explainer engine (that’s what we call the smart AI-powered technology on our platform!) do all the hard work for you. (in just one click)

  • Identifies the main concepts in your script
  • Searches a database of thousands of illustrations
  • Chooses the illustrations that best represent your concepts
  • Organizes the storyboard for your video in a simplistic and impactful way
  • Generates an automated voice narration

  • And this all takes about one minute and you have an explainer video!

    Content to video

    Automatically transform existing content into an easy-to-understand, engaging video with the AI-powered Simplifier.
    Simply type your lengthy text or upload any file type. The Simplifier analyzes your content, extracts the key information, and converts it into an explainer video script that will keep your audience engaged from start to finish.

    The Simplifier:

    • Improves communication effectiveness by simplifying complex information, making it easier to understand and remember.
    • Saves time and resources by using the power of AI to streamline the video creation process.
    • Turns various content types, such as PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, text documents, audio files, video files, and even images, into concise, impactful explainer videos.

    Automated animations

    Automatically add movement and emotion to your videos with the help of the sophisticated animation logic behind our dynamic simpleshow ‘motion’ feature.
    Watch your stories come to life with moving images, animated backgrounds, and dynamic illustration effects. The smart context-based animation selection automatically adds movement to your video in an impactful way. With all the hard work done for you, you’ll be able to create professional videos like a pro (without having to be one!).

    • Animated illustrations and backgrounds
    • Characters that can walk, wave, laugh, and much more
    • New moving effects, frames, and highlights to grab your audience’s attention

    Automated script writing

    The perfect explainer video script is created instantly when you answer just a few questions in the Story Generator.

    The Story Generator

    The AI-powered Story Generator is a custom-built solution enriched with storytelling expertise and integrated security features that allow you to create professional quality video scripts without sacrificing the security of your data.

  • Reduces the time to produce a video script by 85%
  • Produces professional, context-sensitive, and perfectly tailored explainer video scripts every time
  • Keeps your data secure by using integrated safety mechanisms designed specifically for business users
  • One-click video translation

    Instantly translate your videos into up to 20 languages and keep your original voice thanks to our intelligent voice replication technology.
    Reach your global audience without the hassle of manual translations and native checks. Thanks to our powerful one-click translation technology, you can:

  • Instantly convert your video projects into up to 20 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, and more
  • Automatically generate an accurate voiceover in the target language while keeping your original voice
  • Save time and resources by eliminating the need for manual translation, proofreading by native speakers, and hiring voice artists
  • AI-powered interactive elements

    Automatically add interactive elements to your videos with the power of artificial intelligence.
    Elevate viewer engagement and improve information retention with our interactive video page, including the following elements:

    • Video synopsis and link integration – Include an AI-generated video synopsis, a call to action, or a link to more information directly in your videos
    • Interactive quizzes – Test the knowledge of your viewers with an interactive quiz question that is fully customizable to your needs
    • Video performance analytics – Optimize videos with insights into page views, video views, and results from the interactive quiz

    Guided workflows

    Guided workflows help you create the perfect video in four easy steps.
    Discover narrative structures, instructions, and examples for every topic.

    STEP 1


    Discover relevant storyline templates that will help structure your content.

    STEP 2


    Follow helpful advice and useful examples to quickly and easily write a script that effectively hits on your main points.

    STEP 3


    See your story magically come to life with meaningful illustrations in just the click of a button.

    STEP 4


    Add finishing touches to your video with voiceovers, color, custom music, backgrounds, timing, and more.

    Unlimited video creation

    You (and your team) can create unlimited videos. The possibilities are endless.
    A finger touching a play button on a the first video player from three in a row

    Whether you are trying to reduce the number of emails you send, want to stop creating powerpoints no one pays attention to, or just need to communicate in a more engaging way, you can now use explainer videos for all your communication. Save time and money with unlimited video creation.

    A finger touching a play button on a the first video player from three in a row

    Smart languages

    The smart language capability can increase productivity and collaboration with your team.
    *availability varies with subscription plan
    The Explainer Engine understands more than 20 languages. Simply enter your script in any of the below languages and watch your video come to life.
    • Arabic
    • Chinese simplified
    • Chinese traditional
    • Danish
    • Dutch
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Icelandic
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Norwegian
    • Polish
    • Portuguese
    • Brazilian Portuguese
    • Romanian
    • Russian
    • Spanish
    • Swedish
    • Turkish
    • Welsh
    A hand holding a globe with location pins containing play buttons depicting the languages a user can create a video in

    Personalization and branding

    Personalize your animated explainer video to fit your specific needs.
    All of our customization features are easy to use to keep video creation simple.
    *availability varies with subscription plan
    Two circles containing a black and white illustration of a woman and a colorful illustration of a man


    • Choose an illustration style
    • Add skin tones and hair colors
    • Change the illustration colors
    • Edit subtitles for accessibility
    • Add video effects

    An illustration of a mic with two speech bubbles coming out of it


  • Record your own voice over or select from our AI narrators
  • Choose from a selection of music or upload your own
  • Adjust volume of voiceover, music, and effects
  • Branding

  • Add your corporate colors and fonts to your account
  • Customize your backgrounds
  • Upload your logo
  • Upload custom images
  • Team collaboration

    Improve efficiencies with easy team collaboration.
    *availability varies with subscription plan
    • No experience needed

    • Easily share videos

    • Comment and provide feedback

    • Logos, images, and fonts can be added to account for use by everyone on the same team
    A moving image depicting icons of team members collaborating on a video project

    Creative services

    Whether you need to add a professional voice over or custom illustrations to your video or have a special project, the simpleshow creative team offers a wide array of talent and expertise to help your vision come to life.
    A video player surrounded by stars containing an orange play button depicting the fully customized video projects

    Fully customized video projects

    From motion to a fully customized look and feel, our team of creatives will make your vision a reality.
    A hand tapping on the screen of a tablet containing interactive elements

    Interactive training

    Use interactive experiences
    to engage your audience
    and maximize the impact of eLearning .
    A cursor, pen, brush and pencil depicting the professional add ons one can book on the simpleshow platform

    Professional video

    If you want to give your existing video some flair, our team of script writers, voiceover artists and illustrators are ready to help.

    Create your animated explainer video now