Work together on your videos – with the new comment mode in simpleshow video maker

Written by Tim Moss | 19th April 2023
Two team members popping out from speech bubbles signifying team collaboration in simpleshow video maker
At simpleshow, we know how important team collaboration is. That’s why we have integrated a new team function into the simpleshow video maker platform. With the new comment mode feature, you can work together with both your team and third party stakeholders, comment on videos in real-time, and implement feedback quickly and easily.

Project stakeholder communication is easier than ever

The latest release not only allows team members to comment and collaborate, but also enables them to invite third party collaborators. This improvement in stakeholder communication ensures a seamless approval process. What this means for you is that creating videos is now even faster and easier.

With this new function, simpleshow is meeting the needs of the modern workforce. In times of home offices and remote working, tools that allow you to collaborate efficiently are becoming increasingly important. Sandra Boehrs, CMO of simpleshow, explains:
“As more and more companies move towards remote work is now an established standard for most companies, it is critical that teams can simply and easily collaborate on projects. Our clients tell us that the vast majority of their videos for internal and external communication purposes undergo internal reviews. Our new feature now seamlessly and efficiently allows for inclusive and consolidated feedback in a quick and easy way. We are excited about this new advancement in the platform that makes it easier than ever. We’re confident this will make video creation time even faster and help teams produce video content even more effectively videos.”
A content looking woman with her index finger raised in front of an increasing graph signifying increased productivity

Collaboration tools increase productivity

The pandemic has given a boost to the tools that make this possible. According to Gartner, the use of team collaboration tools has increased 44% in the two years since 2019. And for a good reason: productivity increases tremendously. Team members get instant updates, stay in the loop, and the risk of communication errors and missing important information is minimized. Collaboration tools often provide a high level of visibility into the progress of projects and tasks. This allows team members to give and receive feedback to ensure that everyone is on the same page and pursuing the same goals.

Overall, team collaboration tools not only increase productivity but can also help foster a positive feedback culture within a team by making the process of giving and receiving feedback easier and more effective.
Human index finger pointing to a screenshot of simpleshow video maker showing the new comment mode functionalities

Commenting on videos is simple and intuitive

The new comment mode is very intuitive to use. Simply click anywhere on a scene of your video project or a keyword and add your feedback. You can easily navigate through your team’s comments, get real-time updates, and invite other team members to participate. You can also:
  • Search by specific terms
  • Filter by person
  • Mark them as “resolved” to work through feedback as you go along
  • With the option to invite people outside your team to comment, you are also able to speed up the approval process. Imagine you’re creating a video with your Learning & Development team to explain a new workflow. Of course, you want to ensure you presented the workflow correctly.

    To do this, simply invite the appropriate expert to review and comment. Even if they are not part of the video creation team, they can still provide feedback on your video. You don’t have to send video files back and forth to do it. All comments are bundled in the simpleshow video maker. After the expert has provided feedback on your video, you can begin reviewing the comments one by one and mark them as resolved. This ensures that you don’t miss any feedback.

    Want to see the new comment mode in action? Take a look here:
    Check out how to invite others to comment on your project here:

    Try the new comment mode now

    The new comment mode in simpleshow video maker makes team collaboration even easier. You can work together on videos in real-time, give feedback, and finish your videos more efficiently and quickly. Try the new comment mode today and see how well collaborative video creation works!

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