The “Explainer Engine” – our artificial intelligence behind explainer videos

Artificial intelligence (AI) will have a decisive influence on our future. It already accompanies us in everyday life and at work. Self-driving cars, vacuum cleaner robots, image analysis and virtual assistants – the possible applications are almost endless. 

The basic principle of artificial intelligence is simple: a machine is able to analyze data and solve problems. This way, it imitates the human brain. What is particularly impressive is that the more data a machine receives, the better it can perform tasks. In other words, it is capable of learning. However, for machine learning to work at all, humans must often help out. They have to “feed” the machines with large amounts of data and incorporate their experience into the development process. This is the only way that artificial intelligence can continuously improve and lead to ever more efficient results.

Artificial intelligence in simpleshow video maker

Did you know that simpleshow video maker also works with artificial intelligence? With this platform, you can easily create videos that explain even the most complicated topics. Creating  your video takes no time at all, but behind it is a sophisticated technology – artificial intelligence, to be precise. Our development team works constantly to improve simpleshow video maker. Some changes you’ll notice right away. For example, since last year, our software speaks more than 20 languages and you can customize your explainer videos even better with individual backgrounds. Some developments, however, are not immediately obvious and yet revolutionary. Since the latest update we can proudly announce: The simpleshow video maker is now even smarter!

Our “Explainer Engine” identifies which key words in the text are particularly important for your message and highlights them. Artificial intelligence recommends the words that you should visualize in order to emphasize the message of your text. It also automatically suggests the appropriate images for each key term. The special feature: Thanks to the integrated machine learning database, simpleshow video maker learns from past projects!

Artificial intelligence recommends the words you should visualize to emphasize the message of your text.

The simpleshow video maker is constantly learning – and so are we

Because countless projects have already been created in simpleshow video maker, we have a wealth of data from which we can learn and derive optimization potential.

“With the new release of the Explainer Engine, we’ve made video creation a little bit faster. Tens of thousands of excellent videos have helped bring our initial proposal even closer to the final result. With revolutionary AI technologies as well as expert knowledge, the selection of keywords and illustrations has become much better. As a result, we’re helping to make it even faster and easier for our customers and clients to communicate in video.” – Katja Mikic, Head of Digital Products

For the further development of simpleshow video maker, we draw on our years of experience from the creation of thousands of explainer videos and teach them to our Explainer Engine. The new version of the Explainer Engine features improved text analysis to filter out the most important keywords. Our motto has always been “Keep it short and simple”. The Explainer Engine now defines fewer but more expressive keywords per scene. This makes your message even clearer and your explainer video even better. We have also trained our Explainer Engine to visualize your text even more accurately. Images, known as “scribbles”, now match your individual keywords even better. For example, artificial intelligence now recognizes certain companies and products in your text and provides you with the right images for your story.

Our software creates a video from your text almost automatically, but you can still change any scribble as you like. Because we have optimized the image search and implemented new search mechanisms, it now delivers even more accurate results.

“To name just a few success numbers: Since the update, there are 25% fewer keyword changes and almost half of the scribble suggestions have significantly higher quality”

– Katja Mikic, Head of Digital Products 

As you can see, we are constantly working behind the scenes to make your explainer videos even better. Try out how well the new explainer engine works and create your own video in simpleshow video maker now!