simpleshow’s updated Explainer Engine powers up automated video creation

Written by Tim Moss | 5th of June 2024
Imagine this: a world where creating simple, engaging videos on complex topics is accessible to everyone. That was the dream when we debuted simpleshow video maker back in 2016.
With the “Explainer Engine” technology, which is the underlying power of simpleshow, even people without professional video-making skills can create videos. The Explainer Engine leverages advanced algorithms to analyze text, extract keywords, intelligently select visuals, and arrange audio and animations. The cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates these elements to produce engaging and informative animated videos.
Ever since its initial launch, we’ve been on a mission to improve, speed up, and make the Explainer Engine smarter.
We’ve come a long way, adding new features like support for over 20 languages and smarter, context-sensitive animation. We also added a machine-learning database that learns from previous projects, making the automated video creation process faster and more efficient.
And now, we’ve taken a giant leap forward:
We’re making automated video creation feel like it’s got a human touch!
With the latest update, the Explainer Engine understands the meaning of your message, and it comes very close to how a human would create an explainer video.
Before diving into what’s new, let’s quickly cover the idea of the Explainer Engine.

How the Explainer Engine works

It all begins with your topic. What do you want to explain? Is it a change process, your company values, or how your product works? You just need to answer a few questions about your topic or upload a document, presentation, or a meeting recording. simpleshow video maker will then automatically create a video script, which you can customize according to your preferences. And now, the text-to-video magic begins!
The Explainer Engine works like an artist with a brush in hand, turning a blank canvas into something captivating. It starts with your script, extracting keywords to find the perfect images, animations, and effects.
But it doesn’t just match words with pictures; it thinks logically. It has an innate sense of timing, knowing exactly when to position each visual element and where it should go on the screen. It automates your layout, making sure everything is organized and visually connected.
This, combined with the perfect background music, text-to-speech technology, and sound effects, creates a seamless and engaging video. Everything works together to highlight your main points and connect with your audience on an emotional level.
The outcome? You get a top-notch video that resonates with your audience, effectively emphasizing your main points. It’s all about taking the burden off your shoulders. The Explainer Engine streamlines automated video production, freeing up your time and energy.

Why the new Explainer Engine is even smarter

Now, you might be thinking, “The Explainer Engine is already pretty smart, what can you do to improve it?” As we mentioned at the beginning, the latest version can create videos the way an experienced and creative explainer video professional would. Creating videos that resonate isn’t just about throwing information together. It includes thinking strategically about your audience, keeping things simple but impactful, and picking visuals that make people understand the topic.
Let us explain the new features using an example scenario: Imagine a company, “EcoTech Innovations,” that prides itself on sustainability, innovation, and community. They want to create an engaging onboarding video for new hires that informs and inspires them to embrace these values.
Intuitive scene design
The updated Explainer Engine recognizes the meaning of the script and divides the scenes so that they appear natural and the content remains clear and understandable.
The Explainer Engine would analyze the script about EcoTech’s commitment to sustainability. It then creates scenes that naturally transition from showing the company’s green initiatives to its innovative projects, ensuring that each scene is digestible and manageable with information.
The video flows logically, making even complex information easy to digest. Automatic adjustment of scene lengths and transitions improves narrative flow and keeps viewers engaged.
Precise keyword selection
The Explainer Engine now selects the keywords that form the core of your message with even greater accuracy. Depending on the scene’s complexity, it finds the ideal and balanced number of keywords.
For EcoTech’s value of innovation, the Explainer Engine would select keywords like “cutting-edge,” “research,” and “development.” These keywords would be highlighted in the scenes to draw attention to the company’s forward-thinking approach.
The Explainer Engine does the work for you, although you still have the option to customize the number of keywords. This precise selection ensures that the key messages are clearly highlighted and the message is effectively conveyed.
Images that support your story
The Explainer Engine now uses advanced multi-dimensional search techniques to select images that perfectly support your story.
To represent the value of community, the Explainer Engine would use its advanced search techniques to find images and animations of diverse teams collaborating, community events, and local impact. These visuals would be strategically placed to reinforce the narrative of EcoTech’s community involvement.
This more precise visual representation creates an engaging and memorable video experience that effectively reinforces your message. This includes not only static images but also appropriate animations and effects.

Try the latest innovation in automatic video creation!

Our journey doesn’t end here. With each iteration, the Explainer Engine gets better. It’s a journey of perpetual improvement, driven by our passion for clarity and our commitment to your message.
Ready to see the magic in action? Try the updated Explainer Engine today and elevate your video content effortlessly. Start creating videos that not only inform but also inspire and resonate with your audience. With intuitive scene design, precise keyword selection, and images that support your story, it’s easier than ever to bring your ideas to life!

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