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Introducing simpleshow's Story Generator

Discover the future of reliable AI-powered video creation with simpleshow’s new script automation feature – the Story Generator! Learn directly from our product development team all of the tips and tricks for creating professional video scripts with the simpleshow Story Generator and how Generative AI is impacting business.

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Welcome to the future of reliable content creation

simpleshow’s AI Story Generator reduces the time to produce a video script by 85%*.

*Results from user tests conducted by simpleshow
Ai security to depict data security
Designed specifically for corporate business users with security mechanisms, the Story Generator offers you a fast and secure way to create video scripts.
Powered by generative AI technology and enriched with storytelling expertise, the Story Generator creates professional explainer video scripts every time.

Meet your speakers

A photo of Danny Pichardo, Head of Customer Success at simpleshow USA
Danny Pichardo Director of Customer Success
Katja Mikic
Head of Digital Products
Paul Meyer
Head of Americas & Global Head of Sales
Susanne Ilemann
Managing Director simpleshow Platform

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