Creating videos with an AI Video Generator – How AI is shaping the future of video creation.

Written by Maren Dinges | March 08 2022
AI Video Generator.
Why spend hours creating video when an AI Video Generator can deliver a finished video in minutes? Better, faster, more efficient: AI software makes the impossible possible.

AI is now your sparring partner when creating various content formats. You provide the necessary information and artificial intelligence creatively underpins your ideas. Sound good? Let’s look at how AI video generators can help you create an amazing video!

Produce videos in-house without knowledge with an AI Video Generator

Digital transformation develops key areas of expertise within the company. Workflows are used to refer to the individual competencies of each team member.

Let’s take an example: Monique writes marketing campaigns, Louis visualizes, Lara posts on social media, and Ali? He manages campaigns so that the key performance indicators correspond to the objective. Everyone has their own clearly defined area of responsibility. But how to create videos? None of them knows.

The good news is that AI video generators like simpleshow video maker can be used without any prior knowledge. All you have to do is accept the AI as a team member. It plans and sets up videos logically, learns and is creative. This opens up opportunities for the rest of the team to add value to the business outside their areas of expertise.

In other words, advanced technologies are accelerating the move away from fragmented knowledge. Instead, knowledge is composed of multiple areas of expertise. Lara can now visualize and Ali can text. And they can do it without any prior knowledge. Understanding AI as part of a project team thus opens up new possibilities. Forward-thinking companies are already leaving an empty seat in their meetings to represent AI and its ideas and contribution to the team’s success.
Two colleagues, one is sitting at a desk infront of a laptop, and the other ist standing next to the desk. Both are happy.

How does an AI Video Generator work? Areas of application

The recipe for success of artificial intelligence can be traced back to machine learning. This means that AI is able to learn. Every piece of information, every step, and every command improves the behavioral output.

Let’s take an example: Monique creates the video text in simpleshow video maker, while the integrated AI automatically comes up with the visualization. This happens so quickly that Monique doesn’t even have time to make herself a coffee; the results are available immediately.

The output provided by the AI can serve different purposes for the team:
  • The AI video generator fully replaces a work step.
  • The AI video generator creates a partial solution
  • The AI video generator inspires
How AI can be used for video creation depends on its stage of development. Manyf AI video generators are currently still in beta version. However, this also means that the potential of using AI for videos has not been exhausted.

Currently, AI video generators already offer the following functions:
  • Writing storylines based on input data.
  • Tips on which words are suitable for visualization
  • Suggest and generate image ideas
  • Generate fully automated voiceovers
  • Create subtitles based on the text
  • Provide thumbnail ideas to showcase the finished video
Like any AI video generator, our simpleshow video maker Explainer Engine is constantly evolving. In the future, the AI can support you even better in video creation. This is how we at simpleshow make video creation easier for you, step by step.

Stories are created from information

Artificial intelligence recognizes a concept’s language, scene structure, behavior and emotions. On this basis, it generates output. Not every AI video generator has all of these functions. Many AI video generators determine what functions are available on a case-by-case basis.

However, one thing is certain: AI video generators are now so far advanced in their learning curve that they can generate stories from information, be it visual, textual or linguistic.

The Explainer Engine of simpleshow video maker recognizes the most important keywords of your text, visualizes your messages with appropriate illustrations and creates a fully automated video with just one click. simpleshow makes it easy, simple, and uncomplicated for you.
Video player showing a story taking place on an open book, depicting visual storytelling

3 Benefits of an AI Video Generator for Your Business

One benefit comes to mind when we think of using AI video generators: AI makes it easier to work on a video. But what does that actually mean? Entire workflows can be built more efficiently and completed faster. However, artificial intelligence improves not only workflows but also user experiences.

We’ll show you the three benefits at a glance:

Streamlined planning of your workflows

Delegating tasks, budgeting projects and setting up timelines takes a lot oftime. Absences due to illness or financial constraints are critical components that jeopardize success. Fortunately, many work steps are no longer needed with AI video generators. They also eliminate risk. Instead of working with workflows, you work directly with the AI and assemble videos in just a few steps.

Of course, you can allow time for feedback loops. But here, too, the AI helps you. Does a colleague change a text? No problem!
  • The AI has already thought of an alternative illustration.
  • -The speaker’s voice has already adapted to the change.
  • The subtitles are optimized
Your workload is reduced in the first step and throughout the entire workflow. There’s still time for a coffee! And the budget is also reduced. Win-win!

High-quality production without prior knowledge with and AI Video Generator

Creating a video usually requires a comprehensive skillset: programming, motion design, sound effects, and voiceovers are just some of the skills needed to create a video, and they add a lot of complexity. With AI video generators, you don’t need to master any of these skills. AI will do this work. Your only job is to feed in the content.

CI at the push of a button? Sure: In simpleshow video maker, you can immediately integrate your corporate colors. You only have to concentrate on your message, and the AI software takes care of the rest. The video produces itself as soon as all the content has been added. The result is a video that looks like it was made by a professional.
Three employees sitting and standing in front of a desk excitedly looking at a computer.

AI videos as an attention-driven communication channel

DIY video tools are the future for communicating internal and external messages. They make it easy for you to build e-learnings, report on changes in an understandable way, or create training content. DIY video tools are also easy to understand. The visual language and personalization through characters create recognition values, increase attention and facilitate consumption. Built-in AI tools further improve the memorability of your video content by targeting content for different types of learners. For example, automated subtitles, an automated speaker voice, or images can deliver reading, auditory, and visual stimuli. The benefits of AI-powered video creation are highly valuable to development teams and end-users.
Create your video now and benefit from even more features tomorrow, so your videos will hit the spot with just one click.

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