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Written by Tim Moss | 27th June 2023
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Aug 8th update: In June 2023, we launched the Story Generator, simpleshow’s new, secure AI script automation feature. We are constantly looking for ways to make video creation even easier, and today, we are excited to announce new capabilities in the Story Generator!
Thanks to the power of AI (and, of course, some simpleshow magic!), you can now:
Create scripts in more than 20 languages. Now, no matter what your native language is or where in the world your audience is located, you can use the Story Generator to create a video that will engage them in their preferred language. Simply select any of the 20+ languages, answer a few questions, and watch as the Story Generator creates a video that will resonate with your audience.
Use the power of GPT-4. As technology advances, so does the platform. With a more advanced AI language model, GPT-4 demonstrates broader general knowledge and problem-solving abilities than its previous version. What does this mean for the Story Generator? The technology allows for more sophisticated and creative language resulting in an even more engaging video script. You’ll get a precise and creative script that perfectly matches your message to your target audience.
Make your story even better with four new templates. No matter what you need to communicate, the Story Generator makes the process even easier with templates for any topic! In addition to existing templates for workflow, guidelines, and product/service communications, you can now find templates to help you explain a term or definition, present FAQs, invite your audience to an event, and communicate for change management. Choose a template, answer a few questions, and watch your script come to life. The possibilities are endless!
Take advantage of the latest technologies to create a video script with ease. Here’s what else Story Generator has to offer and why its security features make it perfect for corporate messaging:

Have you tried the groundbreaking Story Generator?

Instantly generate professional explainer video scripts with just a little user input and a lot of simpleshow magic. The Story Generator is a custom-built solution enriched with storytelling expertise and integrated security features that allow users to create professional explainer videos without sacrificing the safety of their data.
A hand holding a document next to a clock connected to a downwards pointing arrow with "85%" written next to it.
With this innovative solution, creating professional explainer video scripts has never been easier – or faster. Thanks to the new Story Generator time needed to create a video script is reduced by 85%!* Let’s explore how the power of generative AI can transform your video production process and how the Story Generator differs from other generative AI solutions.

The power of generative AI in content creation

2023 is a big year for the future of content creation. Artificial intelligence is more than just a buzzword. More and more industries are discovering the benefits of intelligent technologies. When resources are scarce, artificial intelligence can prove to be an invaluable asset..

Especially relevant for content creation: Generative AI. It uses sophisticated algorithms to generate new and original material based on patterns and examples in the data it is trained on. By leveraging this technology, organizations can streamline their content creation processes, saving time and resources while maintaining high-quality output. One of the key benefits of generative AI is its ability to automate and accelerate content creation. And who wouldn’t be happy to have more time on their hands?

Traditionally, video production has been a complex and time-consuming process. For years, simpleshow has reigned as the pioneering AI-powered explainer video maker. Its advanced text-to-video technology has enabled countless users to create explainer videos in minutes. Recent advances in generative AI, particularly in text generation, have directly influenced the evolution of the simpleshow video maker. Users simply answer a few questions about their topic, and the AI technology instantly generates a video script that can be edited or turned into an animated video with the click of a button.

This streamlined process allows organizations to create professional explainer videos without the need for extensive resources or technical expertise. Let’s find out what else makes the new Story Generator so unique!
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Story Generator has a number of advantages

Our Story Generator is at the forefront of generative AI innovation. The technology combines the power of AI with the expertise of storytelling professionals to deliver exceptional explainer video scripts. This efficiency allows you to focus on other important aspects of your business while still producing engaging and informative videos.
  • Enterprise ready with security features: The Story Generator is made with built-in security features to ensure the safety of your data. As an enterprise solution, it prioritizes protecting sensitive information, giving you peace of mind while creating your explainer videos. You can trust that your data is protected throughout the entire process. (Do you want to know more about the security features? Click here!)
  • Powerful technology salted with simpleshow magic: The Story Generator is not a simple off-the-shelf solution. It has been built from the ground up, combining the simpleshow expertise of storytelling and scriptwriting with cutting-edge text-generative artificial intelligence technology to produce compelling, high-quality scripts each time. That’s what we call simpleshow magic!

  • Professional video scripts: You don’t have to be a good storyteller to tell great stories! Whether they want to create training videos, videos for marketing purposes or internal announcements – by using the Story Generator, you can expect a polished, professional video script that meets the highest standards and effectively communicates your message.

How does it work?

Want to see Story Generator in action? Click here to watch the video!
The Story Generator uses language models and machine learning algorithms to generate scripts that align with your messaging and goals. The result is a cohesive and unified brand voice across all your explainer videos, reinforcing your brand identity and delivering a seamless user experience.

And that’s how simple the Story Generator works:
  1. Simply select one of the topics provided. You can choose to explain guidelines, a workflow, a process or use the general topic to explain anything you like.

  2. A good story has a hero. Let us know what the name should be.

  3. Who is the video for? Select your target audience.

  4. What mood do you want your video to convey? Adjust the way you address your audience.

  5. Now it’s getting specific. Depending on the topic you choose, you can put in some details about it. For example, how to follow the guideline and where to learn more about it.

  6. Then, with the click of a button, the Story Generator will create a video script for you that, like a good explainer video, features an engaging story.

Transform your video production process with the simpleshow Story Generator

With the Story Generator, you can unleash the power of generative AI to create cohesive, high-quality video content that resonates with your audience, without any of the hard work! Get started now with simpleshow video maker and discover how fast you can generate scripts that align with your messaging and goals.

Be one of the first to see the Story Generator in action

We invite you to experience this revolutionary technology. In our free feature premiere , we’ll answer all your questions about generative AI, the benefits of the Story Generator, and its unique security features. Register today, spaces are limited!

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