Elevate audience engagement with AI-driven interactivity

Written by Tim Moss | 18th January 2024
You made a great video that clearly and concisely delivers your message. You shared it with your audience, but did they watch it? Did they get your point? Did they take action?
If ever you wonder about these questions, we have good news: With simpleshow’s new interactive video page, you can now use AI-powered interactive elements to boost engagement! With this new feature, you can now add interactive elements to your videos that make your audience not only watch the information but also process, understand, and remember it.
Keep reading to learn more about adding interactive features to your videos!

Three unique features to enhance your communication

On the interactive video page, three new features are included to improve your viewer’s experience. All powered by AI, these interactive elements are automatically generated, keeping the video creation process simple and easy.
1. AI video synopsis and link integration – Include an AI-generated video synopsis that highlights the main points in your video script. You can also add a call to action or even a link to more information or additional resources.
2. Interactive quiz – Test the knowledge of your viewers with an interactive quiz. The quiz is AI-generated based on the content of your video but is fully customizable to the creator.
3. Video performance analytics – Easily optimize your communication with automated performance analytics. You’ll be able to see page views, video views, and results from the interactive quiz.
Watch this video to see the new video page in action!

Transform your audience's viewing experience from passive to active with interactive elements

Interactive videos create 66% more engagement than static videos, and with the new interactive video features in simpleshow video maker, not only can you incorporate interactive elements, you now also have the opportunity to track the performance of the video.
Ultimately, any explainer video aims to communicate a message effectively, and the interactive video page helps you improve your communication’s impact quickly and easily with the support of AI tools.
Improve information understanding and recall: Convey and reinforce your information more effectively with the AI-generated video summary. The video summary allows you to present your message’s main idea and key points to your audience at a glance. Including a quiz question also tests your audience’s knowledge and increases learning outcomes.
Increase engagement and action: Engage your audience and spark their interest by adding a call to action that prompts them to take additional steps. Adding links to additional resources and information creates a more connected experience for the viewer. Ask a question to learn your viewers’ opinions and preferences, and let them give feedback on your content.
Optimize your content: Continuously improve your communication for the best results. With insights into page views, video views, and results from the interactive quiz, you’ll better understand how your audience receives and understands the message. Using this information will ultimately help you improve the overall value of your video.

How can you use the interactive video page in your business?

The interactive video page enhances your communications across all areas of your business. Whether you want to inform, persuade, or inspire, the interactive video page allows you to complement your video content and easily get your message across.
Here are some examples of how you can use the interactive video page to your advantage in a variety of scenarios:

Internal communication

Interactive video is ideal for internal communications, such as communicating changes, introducing new tools or processes, or making company announcements. You can use the interactive video page to:
  • Explain the purpose, content, and process of the change and align your stakeholders with the vision, goals, and benefits of the change.
  • Provide a summary of key points and a link to further information and resources to support the change.
  • Seek employee feedback and involvement or ask them about their concerns or reservations.

External communication

Interactive video elements are ideal for external communications, such as marketing, sales, or customer service. Use the interactive video page to:
  • Showcase your products or services and highlight their unique features and benefits.
  • Provide a summary of key facts and a link to a purchase or registration form.
  • Ask your customers for their opinions or preferences.
  • Measure the engagement and interest of your customers and optimize your marketing and sales strategy.

Training and education

Interactive video elements are perfect for training such as compliance, skills, or knowledge sharing. You can use the interactive video page to:
  • Introduce your learners to a new topic or skill and provide them with necessary information and instructions.
  • Provide a summary of key points and a link to additional learning materials or resources.
  • Test your learners’ knowledge and understanding or collect feedback.
  • Measure learning outcomes and learner satisfaction to optimize your training content.
The interactive video page is a powerful feature that can take your video communication to the next level. It allows you to create more engaging, informative, and memorable experiences for your audience and achieve your goals. Whether you want to communicate changes, market your products, or train your learners, the interactive video page can help you do it better. Take advantage of this opportunity to make your videos stand out and deliver value.
Try the interactive video page in simpleshow video maker today and see the difference for yourself!

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