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content marketing is king

Content is king. It’s practically a mantra in marketing these days, but it’s true. No matter how pretty the packaging, the content is what counts. That’s why developing high-quality content that appeals to your target audience is indispensable. So in order to publicise your brand or your products effectively, you’ll need a thorough content marketing strategy. Charming and approachable explainer videos by simpleshow are one excellent way to showcase your expertise and attract attention.

Bring the content home

There are two rules of thumb for successful content marketing: your articles have to be of the right quality, and you have to publish them in the right place. Our recommendation: the best place to publish information on a topic is your own website – even if many platforms have invited you to publish it as social media content. But why is it so important to have a central hub for your information? Let us answer that with a parable…

Once upon a time when kings still ruled the land, the peasants urgently needed advice. Their harvest had not been as bountiful as they had hoped, and they desperately sought guidance. So they went to their king and his advisors, who would surely know what to do – after all, these royal experts had lived through so many harvests that they must have a rich trove of experience (i.e. content) on which to draw…

The idea of requesting advice from experts is not new. Nor is the realisation that specialists are best sought out where they can present themselves with all of their amassed expertise. In your case, that’s your website. Contrary to the long-running trend of publishing as many status updates as possible on social media, the best strategy for brand management is to bring the content home: to companies’ websites. Where you can tell your stories, roll out your expertise – and do it in a way that suits you and your business.

The cream of content marketing: storytelling

A major aspect of successful content marketing is storytelling. Storytelling creates narratives with which your (potential) customers can identify. What’s important here is to avoid boring your customers or taking them out of their depth; instead, keep them informed in an entertaining fashion. Analysis of your target audience and your previous buyers will already have told you who your potential customers are. We in turn know how to explain complex subject matter simply and to the point, and how to visualise it clearly – and tailored precisely to your intended audience.

Rule the search results with simpleshow explainer videos

Flanked by a simpleshow explainer video that wraps your topic in a brief, congenial story, you post your knowledge to your website, make it available to your customers – and by doing so, send it into the arms of search engine crawlers. Crawlers are virtual machines that “read” your website. Identified by a meaningful filename and meta data that crawlers understand, explainer videos contribute significantly to search engine optimisation, or SEO. Good SEO in turn pushes you ahead of your competitors in search engine results – and straight into your target audience’s line of sight. By the way: the more individual the items you publish (catchword: “unique content”), the better the result.

To summarise: whatever your topic – a professional simpleshow clip offers attractive added value for your customers while also improving customer relations: customers find themselves quickly informed and curious to see what else there is to discover on your website. What’s more, it also puts you yards ahead of your competitors in the search engine rankings.

Curious? At simpleshow, we pride ourselves on our competent advice and high-quality service. We’ll be happy to discuss your options with you!

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