Business Communication with video!

Using Videos in Business Communication

Traditionally emails, phone calls, and meetings are the main ways in which business communication takes place, but with the 21st century comes a new communication tool.

Yes, video communication is an excellent way to keep in touch with those both inside and outside of your organization. The most familiar form of video communication is probably video marketing. However, those inside your company can also greatly benefit from video communication!

Clarifying tasks, informing clients/customers, making announcements, issuing reports, and giving feedback – all of these, and more can be done by means of video communication. Whether you need to communicate with employees, customers/clients, leads, or business associates, video communication can be used effectively in most business areas.

Using Video Communication


Use explainer videos to ensure good business communication Use video to provide employees with instructions needed to complete a task. This can be done through a short animated explainer video, or by means of a demonstration video where you show exactly what staff needs to know. When it comes to information technology, make a screen recording to show employees how to proceed. Use video communication to share changes in policies and procedures.



Spice up your training with video communication Training videos are perfect for communicating sales practices, how to get the best out of a product, or how best to serve clients/customers. A library of training videos can be built up over time and made accessible to employees. (An archive of videos available on the company extranet will be very useful for future reference.)



Try something new. How about a video style update?Regular updates via video will be appreciated by employees and make them feel informed and valued. Equally, videos from employees to managers can help to keep managers in touch at times when they cannot be present where the action takes place. Video communication lends itself perfectly to conveying analytics and statistical information, which can be rather overwhelming if shared in text format. Video can also be used to announce company events or conferences. Once again, video, rather than text, will be far more engaging and welcoming.


Stay Connected

Try something new. How about a video style update?By means of video communication, your company can be an inclusive organization. Out-of-touch managers and employees that are not properly informed from the top can do great damage to relationships at work. But video communication, in both directions, can connect employees and management and keep all in the loop of new developments.


Team Building

Team building can be very exhausting. Why not try video communication? Create camaraderie with video communication. Show who’s who in your organization and give recognition to employees. A short video introducing members of your team, or a video that gives honor to the employee of the month, or congratulates achievements, can do wonders for morale. In addition, employees can share best practices, knowledge, and tips with each other to further show that they support each other.



Video onboarding is now a classic.Video communication makes the onboarding process less daunting. Share new information via short video clips. Introduce the new employees to their new colleagues by initially using videos that match names and profiles to faces. Policies, product information, and compliance training can be made available to access when needed. And, in video format, these can conveniently be reviewed to consolidate information.

How to proceed with video communication:

Step by step to perfect business communication.With a little advice, employees will embrace video communication as the perfect way to engage. A practical tip is to suggest ways in which staff can easily create their video communication. For example:

  1. Provide staff with basic “how-to” tips for creating a video recording of a simple message to fellow employees. This can easily be done with a mobile phone.
  2. Provide staff with suggestions for video creation tools, like the simpleshow platform, that can effortlessly be used to get messages across, or to explain concepts or procedures to colleagues.
  3. Provide staff with guidance as to how they can make a screen recording of their laptops or PCs, or how presentations can be turned into videos that can be shared with colleagues.

What are the benefits of video in business communication ?

The value of video business communication is vast; the possibilities endless. For optimal video communication, the secret is to make sure that all communication videos are short and to the point.


1. Save Time

Save time with video business communication.It is much faster to sit in front of your webcam and talk through information than to write a carefully worded (and re-checked) email! Quick updates become a breeze. Video communication is equally convenient for the recipients, as they may not have the time to read long reports or get their heads around detailed wordy instructions. The brain processes audio-visual information significantly faster than written information.


2. Understanding video communication

Use the power of video communication for yourself!Video communication minimizes misunderstandings and maximizes understanding. Written communication relies on careful word choices, but with video communication, the tone of a message is easily perceived simply by listening and observing. Video communication thereby minimizes misunderstandings. Moreover, the audio-visual nature of video communication furthers understanding. The imagery conveys a significant amount of meaning. In addition, thanks to imagery, memory retention is also enhanced.


3. Engagement

The video content is very engaging.If executed correctly, video communication can get the attention of the recipient and improve their engagement significantly. Imagery easily catches the target audience’s attention. Video in business communication makes communication more fun too. It is an alternative way to communicate that injects an element of excitement into communication!