How to attract your target group with video marketing

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Video marketing has become very popular – it is easier than ever before to produce videos and get them online. But, how can you attract your target group if there are so many videos available online? How can you make sure that your video is the one that gets viewed by your target audience? Learn more about how to attract your target group with video marketing.


Types of Videos


Make sure that you carefully consider the type of video that will attract your target audience. Content videos provide targets with something that is useful to them. So, create engaging content videos, rather than mere video advertisements, to attract your target group with your video marketing. The following types of content videos need to be considered: 


1. Unboxing Videos

This may just be the type of video that helps the target audience with decision making and takes a potential customer to the end of the buying funnel! An unboxing video is essentially an initial review of a product. It helps potential buyers to make sure that your product is really what they are looking for. 

video marketing for marketing funnel

2. Story Videos

People like stories. A story about your product solving a problem, or even your company story can attract your target audience via video marketing. As curiosity increases, targets may go on to find out more about your products.


3. Behind-the-scenes Videos

Insider information gives a target a sense of familiarity with your business practices and also provides targets with an opportunity to determine if they feel comfortable with your company.

video marketing with personal videos

4. Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos featuring interviews with loyal customers are very useful in attracting a target audience. If your product is of a high standard your customers will show their satisfaction and elaborate on the greatness of your product! 


5. Humorous Videos 

People like videos that put a smile on their faces and make them feel good. Therefore, include humor in the videos that you create for your target audience. Make your viewers laugh – the more relaxed, the more likely they will be to investigate further.


6. Explainer Videos 

Animated explainer videos have the potential to highlight benefits in simple, clear, concise terms and to attract the target audience. Animation brings a fun element to the viewing experience. With ease, animated explainer videos can be created with mysimpleshow and uploaded to your website or to video platforms like YouTube!

video marketing with explainer videos7. Educational Videos

Make educational videos, featuring your product, service or simply a topic in your field. You can teach your audience how to use your product / service, or simply provide them with useful tips.


Connecting Targets with Videos


There is no point in having excellent videos somewhere on the web….but no-one knows about them. Make sure that your videos are found easily. 


Video platforms, like YouTube, are an important port of call – create your own channel to promote your videos.

• Make use of existing video channels that already connect with your target audience! By inviting them to post your video, you can attract your target audience with optimal ease. 

• Post your videos on social media sites.

• Put your videos on your own website. (See our blog on “Designing your Webpage around Video Content.)

• Make your videos available to bloggers that write about topics relating to your product or service.

• Make sure your videos have good rankings on search engines. 





Engaging Thumbnail Images

Make sure that your video thumbnail image is engaging. This is the first image that a potential viewer will see – it therefore plays a significant role in whether targets will click to watch, or not. The image needs to be attractive and captivating. Moreover, the thumbnail image is relevant to the SEO ranking. If the keywords used in a search match the thumbnail image of your video it has a greater chance of being clicked on (as opposed to thumbnails with unrelated images or less attractive images).

video marketing with good thumbnails

Include a Call-for-action

Great video content has great potential to get the attention of your target audience! Whatever type of video you use, on whichever platform, always make sure that there is a call-for-action or a link to your website for targets to use. Calls-for-action and links should not be “in your face”, annoying, or overpowering. Include calls-for-action in a subtle tasteful way – yet not hidden away where targets may not see them at all. As you successfully attract your target audience be assured that they will answer your call-for-action!