How to write a great script for corporate storytelling

Storytelling has been around since the dawn of time, and it’s quite possible that you’ve become a skillful storyteller from attending multiple networking events, cocktail parties, or just having a casual conversation with your co-worker over lunch. So, it should be no problem at all when faced with the task of writing a corporate storytelling script for a business explainer video, right?

After all, writing a script is just telling a story. Your pen is poised, and you’re ready to tackle this seemingly simple task. There you are, unleashing all your corporate knowledge into your script, and suddenly you’re overcome with the realization that spewing statistical factors and listing analytical data is not quite as engaging as that hilarious anecdote you told your friend over lunch that had her fighting for breath. Luckily, we have some tips for you on how to write a great script for corporate storytelling.


Tips on Writing a Great Script for Corporate Storytelling



Write from the audience’s perspective

Put yourself in your viewer’s shoes and know your target group. Why is this video important for them? Make the video content relevant by thinking about the questions they may have when watching it or if they were placed in the situation presented in the video. Keep the information simple so it is easily understandable.


Your introduction should grasp your viewers’ attention

Have an introduction that is intriguing, engaging, and that caters to our limited 8 second attention spans. Consider starting your video with a question, a character, a shocking fact, interesting research findings, or captivating images.


Create a character

Introduce a character that helps employees and teams relate to the message you want to get across. Showing the illustrated characters “Sheila” who represents someone in the marketing department or “Michael” from the business development team, will ultimately help your viewers personally connect to your topic.



Write a storyline to explain your business topic

It’s easy to lose the audience’s attention when explaining something that may not be easily memorable, like new statistics or research results. Creating a story around facts aids in connecting the viewer to the content through emotional storytelling. Using your character, create a storyline that helps explain your message instead of just listing information.

For example, an engaging way to share new important data would read like this: Sheila was asked by her boss to write a report on the newest trends in video marketing and how applying those innovative ideas can be applied to the team’s user retention goals. After doing some research, Sheila found that 80% of viewers will watch a video on a website, while only 20% will read all of the text.


Remember to use the Dramatic Arc

If you’ve created a character and a storyline, you’re already on the way to completing the dramatic arc, which is a guideline on how to write stories that people will understand and remember. In the dramatic arc, the ‘why’ comes before the ‘how’ – and introducing the topic, character, and main problem are all parts of the ‘why.’ The ‘how’ includes a few points: the plot point or climax, which introduces the solution to the problem, then the main argument, with additional arguments and the overall results finishing up your story.

Using these tips for corporate storytelling will help you create stellar videos for your business. Video creators and viewers can learn to become expert explainers through making and watching videos, which can only enhance your organization overall!