Box with star shown in video frame signifying signs of good product videos.

A startup video & its many pros

As a startup, you’re starting from zero. Creating awareness to let the world know you’re there and pitching your idea to convince investors and potential clients are the biggest challenges you have to face in the beginning. On top of that, your budget is tight and has to be used in the most efficient way.

Sure, we as explainer-video-lovers claim that “the most efficient way” is – as you might imagine – an explainer video for your startup.

Two characters in video frame making a welcoming gesture as a part of a video introduction.

And sure, we have some good points to underpin the assertion that a startup video can be really effective. Here we go:

Visual beats textual

Visual information is processed by our brains 60,000 times faster than pure text. And yes, who doesn’t already know that a picture paints a thousand words?

Considering everyone is flooded with information via the web, and therefore our attention span decreased to a mere 8 seconds… better keep it simple, short, and visual in order to let people know who you are and what you do.

Three employees sitting and standing around a desk looking excitedly at a computer showing an introduction video.Kept in mind

Videos are more memorable than written words: 80% of internet users remember a video they saw in an online ad.

The most relevant media

YouTube is the second most important search engine to date, and by 2017 videos will be responsible for 74% of internet traffic overall.

This is because 80% of internet users will watch a video on a website… but only 20% will read the entire text content of a page. Okay, that’s a lot of numbers. But at the same time, there’s lots of evidence that video is THE go-to medium, and a startup video is highly recommended.

Impressing Google

Users almost spend twice the time on a website with video. The longer they stay, the more Google will consider your page as relevant. This might give a boost to your page rank.

Additionally, the keyword-based name and description of your startup video will also have a positive effect.

Conversion leader

No matter if you want to make people visit your website or buy your product: An explainer video can definitely help. The proving numbers:

75% of users visit the website of a company after they watched a video about it, and 96% of consumers think videos are helpful when making purchase decisions online.

Therefore, startup videos seem to be the perfect instrument to catch the customer’s interest.

E-Mail Marketing

Is e-mail marketing part of your strategy? If so, fine. If not, we guess it will be when you read this number: If there is a video included in an e-mail, the click through rate will increase by 97%.

Pitching tool

Startup videos are not just effective to reach potential customers, but also to reach investors. Why not doing the pitch via a well concepted video that will enhance your message’s focus, and get straight to the point?

Ease of use

You don’t have to put your trust into a big company to produce an extravagant and costly movie à la Hollywood (which will just direct the viewers’ focus on the special effects instead of on your startup idea). You can even do it on your own with mysimpleshow which also leads to the last point…

Low budget

Startups have to be really conscious about where to invest their mostly low budgets. And guess what: Explainer videos aren’t as expensive as Hollywood movies. If you’re using mysimpleshow, it’s not even just low budget… but no budget!

Well, that’s a bunch of facts, yet lots of pros for startups using explainer videos.

We have one last advantage of making your startup video on your own with the help of mysimpleshow: No one knows what your startup is about better than you do. So now go ahead and have fun creating your very first explainer video here.