5 Social Media Video Tips to Enhance Your Business

The art of being a unicorn in an enchanted forest →  making your video stand out in crowded feeds!

Despite our attempts not to rely on figures, we can’t deny the power numbers have on our decisions. When marketing teams are challenged with decision-making processes, going with your gut requires some solid research to satisfy your boss. So, when debating about using videos on social media, let’s have a look at just a few statistics to illustrate. You don’t want to miss out on the trend!

  • Up to 80% increase in conversion rates when added to landing pages
  • 98% see learning benefits from watching explainer videos
  • 53% increase in likelihood to appear on Google’s first page
  • 76% of users would recommend and share entertaining videos

These figures don’t lie, and if you want to succeed in today’s fast-changing world of marketing, videos should be up your sleeve. Social media is the second component of your success story and in combination, they are essential to move you in the right direction. Depending on your aim you may choose a trust-building video format like a testimonial, inform in an explainer video, introduce your topic in a demonstration or engage in personalized videos. In either case, you want to make sure to keep a few tips in your toolkit for social media videos.

Social Media Video Tips


#1: Context is Key

Social Media advertising is complex and the different platforms may require unique approaches. Your target group is key as the platform you will be posting your video on will have features that favor certain groups. Do your research and select the right video for the individual platform.

#2: Short and Sweet

With your target audience’s attention span being at an all-time low, it is essential to keep the video at just the right length to bring your point across. Research suggests different lengths for the variety of videos but tends to stay between 30 and 120 seconds.

#3: Native Videos Do the Trick

Automatically playing when scrolling down is ideal for social media and can easily be embedded in platforms like Facebook and Instagram as it doesn’t require the user to leave the network.

#4: Every Story Has a Beginning

The first few seconds are crucial to keeping your viewers hooked. Get your branding in the first part of your ad video, use storytelling and humor to engage your audience, and get your video in a pole position for attention.

#5: Precision Wins

Even with rapid-fire consumption habits and the decrease in attention spans, viewers still expect precision when it comes to titles and descriptions of videos. They must be clear and up-front, telling the viewer what to expect.

Whether you are prioritizing video already or are on the verge of it, sooner or later you will engage with the new trend. As confusing as all those formats, brands and networks seem, keeping these tips in mind will help you get through the funnel. Pay attention to detail and small things that could give your business the unicorn touch.