7 Best Places To Promote Your Explainer Video

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The reach of your explainer videos doesn’t have to be limited to your website or landing page, especially if you are engaging your audience through video storytelling. There are many online platforms to share your explainer videos in order to reach and convert a broader audience. And the good news is that new ones are popping up every year.

7 Best Places To Promote Your Explainer Video

While most social video sharing platforms have a different atmosphere, audience and expectations, there are some so popular that you are guaranteed to find your target audience on them.

By making sure you mold your videos to suit these platforms and then posting on them, you’ll stop missing out on these great opportunities while setting yourself up for greater visibility. So let’s begin with the biggest and most obvious place to share your videos.


YouTube is rightly called ‘the world’s video player’. It’s huge – 300+ hours of video are uploaded on YouTube every minute. YouTube videos are viewed by more 18-49 year olds on mobile devices than any of the cable networks in the USA.

In addition to being an active, engaged community, YouTube also acts as a research avenue for millions of prospects looking to buy products and services online. It helps them make purchase decisions with reviews, tips and tutorials.

Therefore, YouTube is undoubtedly one of the best places to promote your video content. You can create your own channel and start uploading in no time. With YouTube, you can upload videos, embed in your website and share with the world.

Your channel becomes a destination for your audience to visit regularly for the videos you share. Through annotations and links, you can convert viewers into leads, and leads into customers. You can send the people who watch your videos to your website, product, and through the marketing funnel


Not many people think of Twitter when it comes to sharing videos online. But it’s a channel that can work really well for your explainer videos related to marketing, sales and new product launches. Even more so if you tweet your video on multiple occasions.

Twitter feed is like an ongoing news ticker. The more consistently you share your explainer video on twitter, the more likely that it’ll be found and watched. If you are worried about sharing the same video multiple times in a day or week, just make sure you do so with a different message each time.

When you come up with an offer or product that capitalizes on a trend, there’s no better place to promote than Twitter. You can customize hashtags in your tweets for special promotions, seasonal deals and local trends to keep your business relevant to the people who choose to follow you or search for those trends.


Tumblr is another underrated social platform. If your target audience are people interested in design, photography, art, fashion and the like, Tumblr should be a no brainer.

You could be a real estate pro or designer who wants to create a neat portfolio, or a beautician looking to create organized storyboards of tips and tutorials. Tumblr might be just what you need.

Not only is Tumblr a great place to share your explainer videos, but also a hub to meet other creative video makers. You can find the inspiration you need to make even better and more engaging explainer videos for your business.


7 best places to promote your explainer video

With 8 billion video views a day, need I say more on why you should promote on Facebook? Not only is Facebook the biggest social media platform, but also the 2nd biggest platform after YouTube to post your videos. So if you’re really looking to make an impact with your explainer video, Facebook should be on your list.

In addition, the good news is it’s getting easier to share your videos on Facebook day by day. Facebook is doing its best to take over YouTube’s market share, and so far it’s been doing really well.

In fact, your video is likely to perform better in terms of engagement if you upload it natively to Facebook, instead of uploading only on Youtube only and sharing the link on your Facebook page. Facebook gives preference to its own video player when assessing what to show in user feeds.

Facebook’s algorithm and native upload feature helps brands drive more engagement and conversions in an affordable manner, as long as the brands focus on quality and relevance of the video content. Make sure to try crossposting your videos as well, it helps improve your Facebook presence!


When it comes to showing your explainer video to millennials, there’s no better place than Instagram. A quick explainer video can be just what you need to shine on this platform.

However, note that your Instagram account should have a consistent look and feel for this to work. This means putting some time and thought into a series of videos you’ll post, instead of considering each video in isolation.

Also make sure your explainer video has a story which can connect with the viewer. In addition, include as many relevant hashtags to your video posts as necessary to increase the reach of your explainer video.


If your explainer video is related to fashion, design, beauty, travel, luxury or housing, Pinterest is an invaluable channel for you. It’s a great destination for explainer videos focused on a product.

In addition, your audience on Pinterest is actually more inclined towards favoriting and purchasing cool products than on other platforms. Similar to Instagram, Pinterest will work for your explainer videos only when you put in the effort to give your boards a consistent look and feel.

Your Blog

Last but not the least, your blog is one of the most important places that should be utilized to embed and expand the reach of your explainer videos. If you use one of the well known blogging platforms like WordPress, embedding videos in your blog is fairly easy.

You can embed the explainer video in dedicated posts that talk about your product, or even in posts which mention your product or service in any context. Your explainer video can be a part of your announcements, tutorials and lists, among other topics.

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