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Building Relationships with Videos and Storytelling


Planning your next presentation? Whether you are a very structured, plan-ahead type of person or a ‘figure it out’ as you go person, you are likely to start your presentation off with a story. Why? Instinctively we feel that it is easier if we either share something from our personal life or the audience’s life. We aim to build relationships with the audience. Let’s explore how to effectively use videos and storytelling, some things to keep in mind while storytelling, and why you should focus on it.

Building Relationships with Videos and Storytelling

Four hands holding individual puzzle pieces.For centuries, people have used storytelling to communicate, connect and build relationships. Our lives are created around those stories. We share knowledge, we advertise, we recommend and we discuss by telling them. Stories explain how we give objects and services meaning. Whether we create a story to sell a product, use it to spark interest for a presentation, or create a positive atmosphere at the work space, stories are part of our daily routines that promote relationships with employees, consumers, and products. 

Benefits of Building Relationships

Stories have a number of benefits for the individual and business. More specifically, we can identify certain traits when using videos and storytelling to build relationships.

  • Increase Sales

Are you a business trying to sell your services and products? Just for a minute, reverse this scenario and put yourself in the customer’s shoes. What impacts your decision to buy a product – when someone tells you a story you can relate to, or simply by seeing the product/service? Likely it will be the first scenario, which shows the benefit of increased sales through relationship building.

  • Positive Image

While increasing sales and making a profit is always a business goal, you can build up to it by making use of a positive image and sharing personal stories through videos. This allows you to provide insights into your company culture.

  • Recommendations

We are more likely to trust another buyer than the person selling the product, which is why recommendation videos that include case studies promote a positive and trusting relationship. Likewise, you show empathy and understanding – two very important traits in every relationship.

Types of Relationships

  • Employees

The first relationship you want to focus on is the inner company relationship, the one with your team. Without a solid relationship here, you are unlikely to succeed with your customers.

  • Consumer

Next comes the relationship with your customer. You want to make sure they understand your products and services and why they are useful to them. Here, you want to include case studies, reviews and insights.

  • Investors

The third important relationship is the one with investors. A positive relationship not only increases your chances to receive the investment but strengthen your position in the market. Use storytelling and videos to highlight numbers and risk management to provide a solid foundation and future outlook of your services.

What to Keep in Mind

  • Make your story relevant and relatable.
  • Keep your focus in mind.
  • Facts tell, stories sell!