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Using Video Communication to Manage Key Accounts

While the old description of a key account manager (KAM) would use terms like “individual” and “specialized”, the more modern key account manager is best described by being a well rounded employee. Successful key account managers combine strategic skills with corporate know how and a high consultancy competence. KAM refers to the relationship between your company and the customers you are selling to. KAMs aim to establish an everlasting business relationship with their key accounts through communication and transparency.


Using Video Communication to Manage Key Accounts

Video Platform

Investing in a video platform like mysimpleshow can promote the creation of personalized videos for prospecting. Likewise they can nurture relationship building and help you effectively engage with your key accounts.  

Enabling Better Collaboration

In every relationship you have a base which must be solid in order to achieve great, long lasting results. Therefore, collaboration is of utter importance. Videos can be used as a tool to enhance collaboration with key accounts by sharing information in a technologically advanced manner that speaks to the individual. It can also be used to share information with anyone on your team that may be coworking with you to help you manage your key accounts.

Video Conferencing

While personal visits become a rarity in times of globalization and internationalization, explainer videos are a great asset to improve live video conferencing. Preparing a short video as an introduction not only helps you to stay on task but in case of lower wifi quality or blurry images, they can be sent and watched as preparation in advance.

Future Outlooks

While risk taking is as essential as any business component these days, reassurance is still your friend. Videos are ideal to provide a quick outlook into the future, show where you see yourself and your customer in 5 years, and how you aim to build a long lasting relationship.

Recurring Check-ins

You want to make sure to be available for needs and issues. Thus short videos can replace long emails and an agenda. Create videos as recurring check-ins to get feedback, as well as address issues and areas of improvement.

Training People to Use Your Systems

Let’s take a step back. In order to have a successful KAM you must have a good system in place. You want your team to pull on the same string rather than mixing strategies that may lead to confused and frustrated customers. Videos can be used to train your team to use your company’s strategy consistently.

Sharing Account Information

Likely you will have more people work on your accounts to provide ideal expertise. In order for the whole team to have the same knowledge about each customer, you can use videos to stay on top of each account. These can then be watched before an important meeting or for your team to catch up on latest updates.

Communication is not only essential in your personal relationship with a partner or a friend. It is just as important in managing your key accounts. Finding new and engaging ways to communicate will facilitate and improve your corporate relationships and assist you in successfully managing your key accounts.