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Maximizing coworking using videos

What is coworking?

Challenges occur in many fields, whether they are of economic, environmental, social or cultural nature. But these challenges provide the unique opportunity to redefine the way we work. Coworking is a solution on the rise that inhibits traits of the open source movement and empowering nature of IT. It is a combination of interaction and communication between individuals with unique skills sets that are able to function together. It identifies openness, collaboration, sustainability, accessibility and community as its core values.


Maximizing Coworking Using Videos

Coworking can happen in many different scenarios, groups, locations and times. Creative and resourceful projects are created that allow a diversity of personalities to contribute, each bringing their own strengths to the projects. Likewise, videos come in different shapes and sizes and therefore provide excellent backup to maximize coworking, facilitate collaboration and social learning, and increase productivity.


“Co” means together – unity. Just like coworking suggests, collaboration is key to making this concept effective. A thriving team consists of each individual and their collaboration on the project. Videos can provide shared materials and resources due to easy access and simple explanations. They can be used to keep each member in the loop and create an internal database for shared information. Using videos to maximize coworking is great for incorporating freelancers with your full time team as well!


It is no surprise that innovation has long been an asset in collaboration. It is a key driver of business growth and coworking models are utilized to enhance collaborations with start-ups and tap into new ideas and technology. What better way than to use technology than do exactly that?


In today’s society, communication and cooperations happen across the globe and across screens. Videos are not bound to a location or a time zone. Not only can they be created collaboratively from various screens, they can also be accessed anytime and anywhere.


A team of employees.

Working in a collaborative culture where the norm is to assist and help each other as well as collaborate and share ideas leads to trust and empowerment. Being part of a group that values the individual and works with strengths and weaknesses establishes an overall positive and thriving culture.


Establishing coworking communities does not guarantee success. A clear structure and guidelines are required to ensure a smooth work flow. In its natural setting, collaborators work for a range of different companies and projects. This decreases direct competition and eases the individual to stay true to themselves. Videos can be used to share personal characteristics and allows co-workers provide other team members with their unique skill sets.


Videos offer a great deal of diversity. While the different personalities involved in a coworking space provide different characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses, it is likely that one’s work identity grows stronger and strives throughout their development.  

Coworking is far more than a gathering of minds and ideas. It can further be viewed in light of a social movement, a community of individual assets who gather together to learn from each other and share their knowledge in meaningful ways. 21st century tools like videos enhance coworking opportunities and increase global communication and resource sharing.