Including Videos In Your Customer Success Strategy

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What makes you different? What sets you apart from your competitors?  It might not be the case yet, but it surely is worth putting a greater emphasis on customer relations and customer success. While the product or service builds the foundation, you must have strategies to create a successful relationship with your customers in order to be a highly functioning enterprise. What do customer success strategies look like and how can you use videos for your benefit? Let’s explore today’s topic in greater detail.

Customer Success Strategies and Your Business

Just like a sales funnel, customer success requires a framework that you can lean on, refer to, and adapt for your individual purpose. If you’re keeping up with today’s business trends, technology is your main tool and becomes the center of your approach. Likewise, several elements are intertwined around it, creating a methodology that will help you create successful strategies. Videos are a meaningful instrument to achieve success with your customer relations.

The Core: Technology

Management strategies without technology are becoming rare and most companies have realized the power of video integration in campaigns, daily communication, employee training and recruitment, as well as customer service. Created within minutes, they tend to be more engaging, quick, and easy to access → a powerful tool.

Elements of Customer Success Strategies


customer success

Response Time

As a customer, you long for quick responses and immediate help. While problems are not life threatening, the countless wait on the phone or scrolling through the FAQ website tests everyone’s limits. A short tutorial through a video either while waiting for a member from your support team or hinting at the problem, can take off some of that edge. Create videos that guide the user through the support funnel, help them spend less time looking for the right person to talk to, and promote an increased response time.


Next on the agenda for customer success is precaution. It is important not to wait for the customers to come to you with their problems and challenges, but to be prepared instead. This takes the burden off your business as well as the client. Make videos that tackle FAQ’s and explain common issues. Make sure to be transparent and organized, so customers easily find the video they are looking for.


Showing that you care is a tough task. People want to feel valued, understood, and cared for. Using your team and employees to create the videos not only allows the customers engage with active participants of the process, it shows that their problems are taken seriously and that everyone in your company is willing to help.


Customer relations follow some basic guidelines, just like a good friendship. In order to nurture it, you must communicate, show interest, and inform customers about updates. Why not use video to send weekly or monthly reminders, inform about news or updates, and keep your customers engaged in the experience of your business?