Using Video to Move Through the Sales Funnel

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Simply put, the sales funnel is a series of actions and steps you undertake to convert a lead or prospect into a buyer. A well designed series of videos for each of the steps can serve as a very persuasive medium. Engaging and leading the audience will help to create a successful guide through the funnel that allows customers to move at their own speed.

Using Videos to Move Through the Sales Funnel

There are a number of ways to attract people into your sales funnel. Email newsletter sign-ups and online quizzes are just some ways to make people aware of your product or service. The aim of your campaign is to provide the customer with a solution to their problem. Therefore, it is extremely important to identify the problems to create a target fitting campaign. To raise awareness, the first videos you create should be high-level topics that appeal to a large group. What you are going for include: an authentic tone, familiarizing the audience with your product or service, and showing purpose. Rather than pushing your product, you must gain the viewers trust.


Providing how-to videos showcases your expertise and it provides the viewer with a sense of your skills while raising awareness.


Make webinar content available for the public to show transparency. You can break webinar content into parts and provide chunks of information and authoritative content.

Image Videos

Raise awareness of your brand by providing a tease of what to expect, insights, and using entertaining stories about you and your company to show personality. The content can showcase your company culture.

Using Videos to Build Relationships

Using video throughout the sales funnel

Now sales is all about building and sustaining relationships and converting speculators and leads into purchasing customers.

Think about the way you are positioning yourself in the campaign in order to create a bond. Making sales funnel videos count and creating stories that speak to the individual and keep them in the loop are keys to sales success.

Call To Action Videos

Creating short call to action videos may prompt the viewer to watch another video, read a blog, and guide them to different parts of the website to increase conversion.

Detailed Product Demos

You’ve got their attention, now it’s time to show what you have to offer. Create teaser videos on the product that will provide useful insights into what they can expect from you and your product. Show why you are a fit.

Using Videos to Influence Decisions

We all struggle with making decisions from time to time, so getting the customer to make a decision is not an easy task.  The most convincing strategy? Making it relatable, showing real-life examples and creating trust in your products and services.  

Testimonial Videos

One of the most powerful ways to get people to take action are customer reviews and testimonials. Videos are a perfect medium to show just that. Get people to share their experiences and facilitate a new lead or customer’s decision making strategy.

Case Study Videos

Want to take it a step further? Recreate your success by leading new customers through the progress with a real life example. Case studies are the perfect marketing tool to have leads and customers convert and make decisions in your company’s favor.

Using Videos to Take Action

Using video throughout the sales funnel

We have now moved to the action you want the customer to perform. Whether it is the purchase of a product or your services that you are selling, video can be incorporated to successfully guide the final step.

FAQ Videos

Once a decision is made, questions may arise as a product or service is being used. Making a video about Frequently Asked Questions will not only show that you are prepared, but it will help reassure a customer about their own decision to purchase your product or service.

Check-In Videos

Post sale check-ins are a great way to show that you care and make the individual feel valued and in good hands.

Instructional Videos

It is likely that even though the purchase is made, more questions arise. Instructional videos help provide further insights and explain in greater detail how your services work and what the next steps are.