What You Need For A Top Notch B2B Explainer Video

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With video becoming an increasingly effective marketing strategy, it is imperative that your B2B campaign includes videos. More and more businesses are using it. In recent years, B2B marketers have come to realize the great value that video adds to their campaigns – good video can dramatically increase conversions! Even though you are targeting businesses, you are still working with people. And people respond positively to the right type of video material. If the video is engaging it will start the process of moving the customer through the marketing funnel and your business will reap the benefits. So, here’s everything you need for a top notch B2B explainer video.

What You Need For A Top Notch B2B Explainer Video

Determine Purpose

Top notch B2B explainer videos need to have a clear purpose. In order to get optimal results, they need to have the right content at various stages of the marketing funnel. Carefully consider what you want to achieve with your B2B explainer video. For example, do you want to raise awareness (top funnel), build trust (mid funnel), or generate leads (end funnel)? Once this has been decided you can determine the type of explainer video that needs to be created.

Show Quality

Remember, first impressions are important. It is paramount that your video is professional and of excellent quality. A video that looks amateur does not capture attention right away and may result in a loss of interest in your product or service. So, for a top notch B2B explainer video the entire process of creating the video – from writing the script to editing the final version, needs to be executed in a professional manner.  

Keep It Short

Create short videos – 90 seconds is ideal, but 2 minutes or less may be more attainable. If you have a lot to say, make a series of videos. If necessary, identify areas that may need to be explained or explored and make a short video about each. By doing so, you can create a series of videos that are hyper-targeted and relevant to various viewers. This way, you will be able to address questions or problems quickly and efficiently – another characteristic of a top notch B2B explainer video.

Build Trust

What You Need For A Top Notch B2B Explainer VideoA top notch B2B explainer video is not really a sales pitch. Rather, it is a video that gives your customers an insider view. As such, the video builds trust. The viewer may even feel that they are part of your team. This may be achieved by making the video casual and informative, yet engaging. A virtual tour of your facilities, following a worker down the assembly line, or simply an explainer video showing consumers how your business works will build trust and create a desire to be involved with your product or service. It is when the video portrays openly what your company stands for, that the viewer feels secure and wants to know more.

Use Humor

A top notch B2B explainer video often incorporates humor. The video does not have to be funny from start to end, but should include light-hearted moments. Make fun of yourself, or portray common problems in a fun, tongue-in-cheek way. If you deliberately exaggerate the problems that your product or service will solve, viewers may also find your explainer video amusing. A humorous take on a B2B solution can really get customers to feel connected to your brand and helps you stand out. Also, if your video has a light-hearted approach people will want to share it. This, in turn, allows for the video to reach more potential customers.

Capture Emotion

A top notch B2B explainer video must catch the eye, engage viewers and get them to take action. Videos achieve this by making use of strong emotions to tell your story (like joy, surprise, anger, sadness, etc.). These emotions get the audience involved and increase the likelihood of them sharing your video. This may be achieved by creating an explainer video about the issues that your company feels passionate about. If you participate in some good cause, let viewers know about it. If your product or service is taking part in solving world issues, the viewer is likely to engage with your message. This helps to make a personal and emotional connection with your product or service.

Provide Solutions

What You Need For A Top Notch B2B Explainer Video

A top notch B2B explainer video reveals a problem and offers a solution. It is when you provide a solution to a problem that people are most likely to engage with the video content. They may identify with the problem and be curious to see the solution. Or, they may recognize the existence of a problem that they were previously unaware of and be curious to know how to solve it. A B2B explainer video is far more compelling than text explaining a solution to a problem. For example, a video that tells a story can be very effective: start the story with the customer’s dilemma. Then reveal how the situation was turned around by using your product or service. If the viewers can identify with the customer in your video it gets them to think about their own businesses and how your product or service can benefit them.

Video is a powerful tool in B2B marketing. The vast majority of B2B buyers watch video material to help them make buying decisions. Top notch B2B video does not merely focus on tutorials and guides. It may include stories about the company, the team, the product or service and even about customers. Whatever you create, keep it short and execute it brilliantly – at the same time explain exactly what your brand offers. Perhaps add some humor and make it memorable. A few top notch B2B explainer videos may be just what you need to engage customers and guide them through the marketing funnel!