How Crossposting Videos Will Improve Your Facebook Presence

Digital improvements and changes occur just as rapidly as the whole industry developed, and with that came the era of videos on social media. They have not only simplified process sharing and made information and instruction more accessible, they have also become part of our daily lives. However, one thing was not so easy in the past – pages that had different owners struggled to use the same video, hence they could either share it or re-upload it. But where would we be if technology wouldn’t try to simplify our lives even more? And that’s where a new feature joins our desktops and portable computers – the crossposting of video.

How did Crossposting Start?

Facebook aims for publishers using video to engage with their most relevant audiences. To support this, Facebook launched the ability for publishers to crosspost videos to Pages under the same Business Manager.

What is Crossposting and How Does It Work?

Crossposting is defined as the act of sending a message, which might be a video to more than one audience at a time.

crossposting facebook videos

The basic idea behind crossposting is thus related to the uploading of a video. Facebook now allows you to post it on other pages you own or administrate. Let us use an example. You work for an international company, and have spent some time creating a great explainer video for your U.S. business page using mysimpleshow. Now, you want to upload it on your other international business pages to share it with your other target audiences and then see the video’s global statistics. Instead of having to manually share and re-upload it on all pages, you can now do it all at once. Hence, the same video can be used in a new post to personalize elements including the title, post text and captions, while simultaneously monitoring the statistics and data of how that video is performing on all other pages.

Before crossposting can take place though, both Pages need to grant crossposting possibilities.

What are the Benefits of Crossposting?

Take the scenario above and think about this: posting the videos manually on each page will take up time that could be invested much better elsewhere. Using the crossposting option will be the perfect solution as it simplifies the sharing and saves you time and effort.

crossposting facebook videos

How Will Crossposting Videos Improve Facebook Presence?

Whether you use an explainer video to present your company or advertise a product, many companies use Facebook to run ads. As a company, it is important to monitor how the ads are performing and the amount of time people spend to interact with your business. Thus, crossposted videos will enhance your presence as you can not only see all activity for your videos on your Page, but you will also gain insights from all the Pages individually and combined. So, your marketing strategies can be facilitated by identifying times and audiences in greater depths and in a better overview.