4 Proven Ways an Explainer Video Boosts Your Social Media Presence

Social media has become a great platform for online businesses to market their product and services. Facebook alone has over 2.01 billion monthly users as of June 30, 2017 and Twitter has 328 million as of the first quarter of the year. From plain word statuses, these platforms are now loaded with visual content like images, infographics, GIF’s, live footage videos, and even a specific explainer video that engages and resonates with users.

And today, video marketing has become an essential part of a business’ overall marketing strategy. Just take a look at how Facebook video generates over 8 million views daily. Its reach is so huge that business owners could not afford not to use it as part of their digital approach.

So how an explainer video can boost your reach and visibility on social media? We decode some cool and proven facts here.

4 Proven Ways an Explainer Video Can Boost Your Social Media Presence

  1. Explainer Video Explains your Business’ Objective

An explainer video is a great tool to clarify and explain your brand’s objective.

While written text can do the same thing, people might interpret the context differently. Explainer videos, on the other hand, provide simple and straightforward content giving your audience a better and specific understanding of your goals.

  1. Generates Engagement and Interest

An explainer video that uses animations and attractive visuals can easily grab attention and engages the audience.

Posting this on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account provides a huge advantage. If your content resonates with them, you would probably be surprised by the thousands of likes and shares you’ll get in just a span of seconds. 

4 Proven Ways an Explainer Video Can Boost Your Social Media Presence

  1. Helps Retain Information

People love visuals. They remember 80% of what they see but only 20% of what they read.

Therefore, an explainer video with creative and compelling visuals is easily remembered than those without. You can even turn technical jargons into snackable content that are eye-catching, easy to read, and shareable. 

  1. Showcases your Brand’s Personality

Lastly, an explainer video makes your brand more recognizable. It highlights your brand personality and gives your business credibility.

And by that, people would eventually know who you are and your followers will feel like they know your business better.

Therefore, spending time to produce compelling, persuasive, and creative explainer videos should be in your marketing priority list. It not just helps you reach bigger and wider audience but makes you become an authority in your niche, giving you a strong digital and social media presence.