How to Build a Sustainable Video Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Engaging with trends such as video production seems easy at surface level. Integrating a short clip to grab your audience’s attention or adding a video to pitch an idea are part of most business toolkits. Yet the challenges arise with the intention to make it last. The goal is not for trends to be incorporated sporadically but to become part of a sustainable marketing strategy. To ensure your business is on the path to success, we have prepared a guide for you to build a sustainable strategy that equips you to create videos systematically and increase efficiency.

How to Build a Sustainable Video Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Marketing strategies today look nothing like 20 years ago, yet the goal to raise awareness and advertise products remains. The change in tools comes with a change in thinking and setting priorities. Facilitated access to target groups has moved small-scale campaigns to national and global campaigns that have a much wider reach. The change in marketing strategies is similar to the process of design thinking, a research paradigm gaining popularity.

How to Build a Sustainable Video Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Engage & Empathize

The key to any successful video is collaboration and communication. Involving all parties from the earliest stages promotes the collection of ideas, engaging with the target group and identifying content gaps that will help you place an appropriate video in your campaign. Engaging in your topic can clarify the suitability of video integration to ensure you dedicate your resources only to topics that fit. Target your audience, scan through blogs, and view other videos and content related to your topics. Pay attention to search volume and be sensible to already existing informational content to ensure you can provide a point of interest.

Brainstorm & Explore

Once you’ve established the grounds for your video content, you become a researcher in the modern design process. Collaboration remains key and visualization in its earliest stages takes place. Explore ideas and organize your thoughts. Include all team members, pitch ideas and think of creative methods for your videos.

Concept & Design

Create concepts with a clear message in mind that allows your audience to be guided through the video process. You want to make sure to keep it simple, use adequate language and create a memorable impression. This phase serves as your to-do list: tick off all the boxes you aim to accomplish. Make sure to move to a top-down approach by paying attention to the bigger picture first before redefining the different aspects of your video.

Strategy & Implementation

The ideal video marketing strategy may look different for each business, so highlight the individual features that make you who you are. You want to be a business that drives engagement and is capable to engage with modern tools and technology.

How to Build a Sustainable Video Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Once you have become accustomed to the design process, you have created a video marketing strategy that works for you and your business. Video production is a trend unlikely to disappear anytime soon and should be incorporated in modern business. Adopting the design process will clarify your strategy and highlight the important steps of video marketing. Within the video design, you will research a topic, write a script with a limited amount of keywords to keep it simple, illustrate with visual support, apply linguistic features and promote your video by adding it to relevant blogs and sites to drive organic views.