Engage your audience with interactive holiday explainer videos

Written by Ryan Robinson | 20th December 2023
The holidays are the perfect time to connect with your target audience and engage them with great content. Why? Emotions are high, and people are shopping for themselves and their loved ones. How can you get their attention among the sea of Season’s Greetings emails in their inbox? Create interactive holiday explainer videos.

What Are Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are pretty much what the name suggests‌ — ‌videos that explain something. Businesses often use explainer videos to explain a product or service. But you can also use them to educate your audience about a particular topic. Explainer videos are pretty short, often one to two minutes long. They come in many forms, including:
  • Live-action videos: Usually, one person talking to a camera (i.e., talking head).
  • Animated videos: Contain illustrated characters, objects, text, and graphics.
  • Whiteboard videos: Also known as “video scribing,” involves someone drawing on a white screen or background while narrating,
  • 5 Tips for Creating Interactive Holiday Explainer Videos

    Here are five simple tips to help you leverage the power of interactive explainer videos this festive season.

    1. Start With a Goal

    Think about what you want to achieve with your explainer video. During the holidays, a common business goal is to drive more sales. Other brands may be more focused on creating memorable experiences and boosting customer loyalty. Keeping these goals in mind will help you choose the type of explainer video to create and the topic you want to focus on.

    2. Choose Where You Want Your Explainer Video to Live

    Every medium has an ideal video length. So, it’s best to choose where you want to distribute your holiday explainer video before creating it. Social media platforms are perfect channels for getting your message across. Just keep in mind the ideal length for each platform. HubSpot recommends:
  • 30 seconds for Instagram
  • 45 seconds for X (formerly Twitter)
  • 1 minute for Facebook
  • 2 minutes for YouTube
  • The bottom line? Your explainer video should be short and to the point. When using social media to distribute your holiday explainer videos, consider using a free social media scheduler or similar social media scheduling tools. This will help you streamline and automate your content distribution during the busy holiday season.
    You can plan your holiday video content strategically across various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, X, and Pinterest, and align it with promotions, events, or specific themes related to the holidays. Beyond social media, consider sharing your explainer videos on your website, including landing pages, product pages, your about page, and even your homepage. You can also use explainer videos in your holiday ads to engage and educate your audience. This will help your advertisements stand out from others that only include static images and graphics.

    3. Write a Script

    Your video script is the foundation of your explainer video. Whether you write the script yourself or hire a professional script writer, before you even start to write, be sure to consider:

  • The visual style of your video (i.e., types of graphics/illustrations, colors, characters, etc.)
  • The key benefits you’d like to highlight
  • The tone you’d like the video to use
  • The specific problem you’re solving
  • How your product or service works
  • Your call to action (CTA)
  • A quick elevator pitch
  • Your target audience
  • Pro Tip: Consider using simpleshow’s Story Generator to create an AI-powered script for your explainer video instantly. Pair this time-saving tool with the Explainer Engine and maximize your videos’ accessibility with automated voice narration.

    This feature can also help you create more engaging videos because it allows for more voices and languages, making your video resonate with viewers globally. It’s a subtle yet powerful way to enhance the viewer’s experience, ensuring your holiday message, is loud and clear.

    4. Tell a Feel-Good Story

    Who says an explainer video can’t tell a story?

    During the holidays, there’s a greater sense of emotion, generosity, and community. Tap into this emotion with a compelling narrative.

    For example, let’s say your product is a state-of-the-art coffee maker. Your explainer video begins with someone using the coffee maker. While that’s happening, the narrator explains the coffee maker’s key features and how to use them.

    Then, you show a scene featuring a family enjoying coffee by the fireplace, with holiday decorations in the background.

    After that, cut to the family exchanging gifts, with the coffee maker prominently featured on the kitchen counter.

    In the last scene, the coffee maker is wrapped in a ribbon and a tag that says, “Perfect Gift for Coffee Lovers.” At the end, you include a CTA to visit your website to purchase the coffee maker.

    Need help with creating a festive look? simpleshow video maker’s explainer engine offers guided workflows, and relevant storyline templates do the heavy lifting.

    You can incorporate graphics from the stocked database to spread holiday cheer and tell a story, all while promoting your product. What’s not to love?

    5. Track Engagement With Advanced Technology

    Whiteboard explainer videos are great ways to engage your audience and make them feel like they’re a part of the story and creation process as the story progresses with each drawing.

    You can create a whiteboard explainer video incorporating festive visuals and holiday-themed drawings on a virtual whiteboard.

    To make your video even more engaging, consider adding an interactive presentation.

    With modern tools like Pitch, an AI slide deck, you can share links within your whiteboard explainer video and track engagement.

    That way, you can easily share links across various channels and learn how different audiences respond. You’ll quickly learn which videos are the winners and which need reworking. Always keep in mind that you’re using AI safely so that none of your content is plagiarized or generic.

    Wrapping up

    Your audience will likely be bombarded with hundreds of marketing content this holiday season. Grab their attention with interactive holiday explainer videos. Get creative, and don’t feel like you have to follow a specific format. Just make sure your holiday video does one thing: engage your audience.

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