A man sits at a desk and creates a simpleshow video.

Five Creative Ideas For Your Explainer Video

An explainer video’s purpose is to simplify information so that the target audience will have a better understanding. The explanation needs to be short and to the point. This means that the video needs to be captivating right from the start – a touch of creativity is all that is needed! We share 5 creative ideas with you that will inject a original element into your explainer video to make it stand out amongst the rest!



1. Use a catchy one-liner

Using a one-liner is one of the creative ideas we suggest you to implement in order to immediately grab the viewers’ attention. One-liners can, in fact, be used anywhere in the video as long as it is relevant. For example, perhaps an explainer video about sport could start off with a one-liner like “a computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kickboxing”. Or “Money talks…but all mine ever says is good-bye.” can work in an explainer video about financial matters. Or, if it is about life’s issues, incorporate one-liners like “By the time a man realises that his father was right, he has a son who thinks he’s wrong”, or “By the time you learn the rules of life, you’re too old to play the game” into the video script. Images portraying such one-liners can further boost viewers’ engagement and provide a base that could then carry the rest of your explanation. 


2. Add a splash of color

Next up in the pipeline of creative ideas to consider for your explainer video – colors. Creative use of colors can result in a happy, exciting, and stimulating atmosphere that is conducive to learning. And by learning we do not only mean in a traditional educational setting, but also in terms of “teaching” prospects why your product/service is great, or by providing employee training. Colors can even affect blood pressure, heart rhythm, breathing and brain activity. Apart from the aesthetic effect of colors, they can produce a higher level of attention. Moreover, they affect the degree viewers are able to absorb information. So, think of ways by which you can make your video more interesting simply by the choice of colors. For example, make a black and white video, but bring a surprise color into selected scenes. Or, make use of different shades of the same color throughout your video.


3. Open with a topical issue 

Using a topical issue as part of an explanation that may actually not, per se, explain or focus on the topical issue (but merely on a related subject) is one of the next creative ideas we suggest you to consider. It makes the explainer video creative, and turns it into something different and more memorable! In the first few seconds of an explainer video one needs to convince the viewer that your video is worth watching. One way to captivate viewers right from the start, and to create an immediate connection with them, is to use a topical issue. This typically relates to events that are happening at the present time and, as such, provides an immediate hook. Viewers feel that they already know a little about what you want to explain to them. So, start the explanation with an interesting bit of topical news – in the form of a statement or a “did you know” question (e.g. Earth Day, Brexit, Climate Change, or even events involving a favourite coffee-shop chain!). Then turn it around by linking the topical issue to what you want to explain. Make sure it is relevant to the audience and relevant to the explanation that will follow in your explainer video.


4. Play funky music

Background music can make an explainer video scene much more effective as it helps to generate a certain mood and complements what the viewer sees. In the olden days, silent movies were not completely silent – they were greatly enhanced by the music that played in the background. Whether excitement or tragedy, the music helped to carry across the emotions or mood of the film. The likes of Laurel and Hardy and Buster Keaton did wonders, not only through their acrobatic acting but by choosing music that perfectly suited the scenes. Music simply complements the images and somehow makes them more interesting! Give your explainer video a creative boost by using funky music, dramatic music, or even suspense music, depending on the mood you want to create. 


5. Use humor

A little humor in your explainer video can contribute, not only to make it more creative and enjoyable but also to engage viewers better. Laughter creates a sense of belonging and elicits connection. Moreover, laughter is a stress reliever. As such, humor plays a relevant part in learning. Here is how it works: humor makes you laugh. With laughter positivity and focussed energy kick in. This, in turn, is conducive to learning: the viewer is stimulated to not only pay attention but also to get to grips with the information, as humor sharpens their understanding. Explainer videos aim to explain and teach something – so, humor is definitely a player that should not be overlooked. So, think of something humorous that your target group viewers can relate to – everyday moments and short funny anecdotes relevant to the topic can be used very effectively.

So, after implementing one or maybe a few of our creative ideas into your explainer video you can be sure that it will capture the attention of your audience.