Ways to spark your creativity

You are about to make an explainer video, but still need that creative spark to come up with some outstanding ideas for the script writing and, of course, for the making of the video clips. So, where does creative inspiration come from? How can creativity be boosted, so that you can produce an exceptional explainer video? Let’s consider a few practical ways to spark creativity.


1. Relax

A relaxed state of mind is a prerequisite for creativity. When relaxed you start to think freely. If you struggle to relax, purposefully engage in activities that make you feel relaxed. For example, play your favourite video game. It will encourage a positive relaxed mood and boost creativity. Or, take your work to the coffee shop and order your favourite drink. Soon you will feel relaxed and ready to come up with ingenious ideas. The welcoming smell of the coffee plus the moderate level noise in the background will aid relaxation and encourage creativity. Time and time again it all comes down to relaxation – it helps us to think more freely and boost creative productivity.



2. Walk…

Another true and tested way to enhance creativity is walking. It provides one with “thinking time”. And during “thinking time”, one generates ideas without even trying to do so. Writers, artists, and philosophers often follow very specific routines that, time and again, involve walking. Take German philosopher Nietzsche, for example: he walked for several hours per day and used this time to conceive great ideas! Walking somehow makes it easier for the mind to operate on a creative level. So, go for a walk to relax and to generate creative ideas. Make sure to take your mobile with you and use it to record ideas – either make a voice recording or type a quick note of your ideas.

3. Daydream…

This may seem to be a complete contradiction, but if you want to be optimally creative and productive you need to allow time for doing nothing. To be creative one needs time to daydream. We are more inclined to be creative when our minds are wandering. After all, creativity and innovation stem from our ability to use our imagination. When you daydream you visualize… when you visualize you paint a picture with your thoughts. Allow yourself time for doing nothing, in order to give your mind space to be creative.


4. Whiteboard

Make use of a whiteboard to display relevant ideas that come to mind. (Use a blue or green marker on the whiteboard, as those colours tend to enhance cognitive performance!) Display your ideas in the form of mind-maps, or even as storyboards. Storyboards are useful when you are visualising a process, whereas mind-maps are more useful when you are generating initial ideas for your project. Mind-mapping also allows for a topic to be further developed by adding more and more idea-layers to the mind-map, each time breaking down key terms into their comprising parts. This guides the brain to unravel the topic into many relating ideas and triggers creative thought.

5. Creative Corner

A suitable environment will boost creativity. Therefore, create a space where you can be optimally creative. Make your “creative corner” relaxing and inviting, but also practical, complete with white board, music dock and comfortable chair! The idea of a designated space for creative purposes conditions the brain to get into the habit of being creative specifically in that area. In this space you can play music, close your eyes, daydream, and jot down ideas on the board – all is at hand… Or, you may want to stand at the whiteboard and consider your options. People are most creative in pleasing environments. Therefore, create a space that will positively affect your mood, work ethic, and creativity.



So, we have established that relaxation is essential to creativity. However, one cannot truly be relaxed if you have not had enough sleep. Therefore, if you struggle to come up with new ideas, “sleep on it”. While sleeping, restructuring takes placed in the brain, which allows one to look at possibilities in a new ways. Even just a short nap can do the trick, as the brain gets refreshed and stimulated anew. Then, get back to your creative corner, or go for a relaxing walk to spark your creativity!