3 types of videos that will maximize your brand reach

Written by Harry Flynn | 19th May 2023
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In today’s world of content overload, it can be a challenge to capture and maintain your audience’s attention. But, there’s a secret weapon – videos.

Videos give you the power to bring your stories to life and evoke the right emotions from your audience. With this, you can leave a lasting impact as you make personal connections with your existing and potential audiences.

That’s why, according to Wyzowl, 96% of marketers agree that video content is an effective part of their marketing strategy. But with the many types of videos at your disposal, what are the ones you should use? The ones that maximize your brand reach, of course. Here’s a list:

1. Product demos to maximize your brand reach

Product demos can maximize your brand reach by showing customers what your product can do for them. These types of videos are particularly helpful if you run an e-commerce store. Let’s say you sell makeup products. You can share video tutorials on how your target audience can use your new products.

But, the subjects of these types of content are not limited to physical products. You can also use them if you’re a SaaS brand. Companies like Slack and Asana, for instance, share product video demos of their products on their social media platforms. To create compelling demo videos, you need to focus on the features and benefits of your product that are most important to your target audience.

Also, use clear and concise language. You can add visuals, animations, and other interesting video elements to make the content more engaging. Finally, include a call to action at the end of the video. You want to encourage viewers to take the next step, such as visiting your website or making a purchase.

2. Behind-the-scenes videos to maximize your brand reach

What if you could show potential customers how you make the amazing products they use? They’d love this because it makes them feel like they’re part of the process. It’s also a good way to integrate transparency into your content marketing strategy. With BTS videos, you maximize your brand reach by giving your audience an inside look at your company and culture. So, sharing these videos can help you create an emotional connection with your existing and potential customers. You can show your audience anything from a tour of your office to a sneak peek at your warehouse. Feel free to show off your team’s creative process, too. When sharing behind-the-scenes content, you need to be authentic and genuine. Don’t be afraid to show the human side of your company— when your employees are having fun, for instance. Hubspot has some beautiful examples on its Instagram page. You can use BTS videos as an opportunity to showcase your company’s values and mission as well. It’s also a good move to prompt your followers to share your video with their friends and family for more visibility. This is one way you can get more likes on Instagram, shares on Facebook, and retweets.

3. Video testimonials to maximize your brand reach

Video testimonials can maximize your brand reach by emphasizing your good track record as a brand. They’re a powerful way to build trust and credibility with your target audience. According to BigCommerce, testimonials can help you increase your revenue from customers by 62%.

You can create video testimonials by asking satisfied customers to share their experience with your brand on camera. Here’s a good example from Freshbooks. But, to create effective video testimonials, you need to select the right customers to feature. Look for customers who are enthusiastic about your product or service and have a compelling story to tell. You may choose to record a documentary-style video in a studio or any other location you prefer.

You may also ask the customer to record a simple video and send it to you. Either way, provide some guidance on what the customer should include in their testimonial, such as the benefits they received, or how your product has made their life easier. Additionally, you can send the customers a list of questions they’ll answer. But, even if you can direct the narrative, you should also allow your customers to share their personal stories.

Finally, edit the video. Add subtitles and some special effects, like good background music, to make the video more enticing. Then share it on your marketing channels.
A video player showing a customer testimonial.

In closing

Videos are powerful marketing tools that can help you engage with your target audience. But don’t just use any type of video content.

Use videos that have been proven to maximize your brand reach: product demos, behind-the-scenes content, and video testimonials. When creating these videos, remember to focus on the needs and interests of your audience and to be authentic.

Promote the content on your chosen marketing platforms, too. With the most effective video types that maximize your brand reach, you’ll be able to stand out in a crowded digital world. Good luck!

Author's bio

Harry FlynnHarry Flynn leads the digital marketing team at Twicsy, a site providing services to Instagram users. He enjoys travelling and relaxing with friends in his spare time.
Harry Flynn
Harry Flynn leads the digital marketing team at Twicsy, a site providing services to Instagram users. He enjoys traveling and relaxing with friends in his spare time.

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