Video marketing and video makers aren’t anything new, but if you haven’t invested in this medium, you’re in for a surprise. According to a 2022 cisco study, video accounts for 82% of all consumer internet traffic. That means that video converts better than other content on the web.

A video marketing strategy is important, but startups avoid video content under the assumption it’s difficult to make. However, easy-to-use video makers take care of most of the process.


How to Choose a Video Maker for Video Marketing

Choosing the right video maker is crucial to your marketing success.

A fast, intuitive video maker with pre-filled content is typically the best option for most businesses. If your video maker of choice can also adjust the video size or shape based on your social media of choice, even better. We also recommend finding one with templates and quality animation.

As a rule, you should edit a test video before purchasing a plan. This ensures that you aren’t investing in software that doesn’t suit your business needs.


How to Use Video Makers in Your Marketing Strategy

Before using a video maker, make sure you understand your target audience. This research will help you create video content that’s made to convert, scale, and relate to your customers.


Emphasize Storytelling

Storytelling helps to get your message across.Video storytelling is a marketing tactic that engages audiences with your brand, company, or product. An incredible brand story can guide users through a narrative, uncover  pain points, establish an emotional connection, and offer users a satisfying solution (with a great CTA). 

A basic storyline involves a plot, purpose, places, and people. When creating a brand-focused video storyline, you have to pay attention to the intended audience and your distribution method.

For example, if you know how many real estate brokers use TikTok, you can use that information to appeal to this demographic. You need to determine which channel is the right  place for your video content. From there, you can decide what story you want to tell or what you want to sell.


Select a Template in your Video Maker

A template will help you structure your video.

Video creation isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, and there are plenty of video styles you can use to promote your business. Commercials, explainer videos, testimonials, product videos, and slideshows are all great formats, but what you choose will depend on what you’re promoting. 

Whether you’re making a professional, educational, or personal video, you can use templates to make sure you’re getting your point across. Some template examples include a company introduction, a new or reworked product/service promotion, and a one-to-one comparison video. 


Video Makers can support you during the writing stage.

Write and Populate Your Scenes

The hardest part about video creation is writing the script. However, interactive video makers like simpleshow include unique writing and visualization features that populate scenes for you. By inputting the right keywords, you can make 6 or more scenes in as little as 5 minutes.

While you’ll still need to write your text first, the right video maker can do the rest of the heavy lifting. If your new scenes aren’t to your standards, you can edit them inside the creator.


Illustrations, Frames, and Effects in your Video Maker

When assembling your video make sure to keep in line with brand guidelines.

Since 2004, branders have received confirmation that animations, bright illustrations, frames, and effects immediately attract our attention and make us want to locate the distraction. 


Unless you’re an animator, it could take you hours to make enough animations for a short video. But simpleshow video maker will allow you to add pre-rendered illustrations, characters, text, effects, frames, GIFs, and much more. Or, you can upload your own images and use them instead.


Adding the adequate sound has a great effect on the success of your video.

Sound, Music, and Subtitles

Sounds and animations have a similar effect on our psyche, but sound’s attention-grabbing ability depends on the alarm. For example, a high-pitched siren will turn more heads than a buzzer. However, melodic music and human speech will also bring attention to your video. 

Video maker’s often come with pre-packaged music and sounds that you can use to liven up your content. Subtitles are also attention-grabbing, and they help the hearing impaired.


Include Your Branding

Your video marketing strategy is incomplete without your branding. While branding often includes the visual aspects of your company, like colors and fonts, it’s also needed to tell your customers who you are and what you do. Brand messaging is essential for customer acquisition and loyalty.

An all-in-one video maker will help you incorporate your brand instantly with color correction, voice settings, font size, visuals, and background effects. Watermarks are another effective way to promote your brand and prevent idea theft, whether it’s in the office or in an online space. 


Including a CTA will make your video more successful.

Don’t Forget Your Call to Action

Simply asking your customers or clients to buy your product/service can make all the difference. A compelling call to action is precisely what you need to promote your offering to your followers, but you have to curate your text properly. This step may already be done for you via an editor. 

On the other hand, you may prefer to use a call to action that’s known to work. For example, saying “like and subscribe” after a YouTube video will help that video receive more conversions.


In Summary

Creating an incredible brand-focused video is easy with a high-quality video maker, a superb story, and visual effects. But if you want to make sure your video converts while enhancing your sales and marketing efforts, you’ll need to end it with a call to action that entices your audience. 


Author Bio:

Stewart Dunlop looks after content marketing a Paperless Pipeline and has a passion for writing articles that users will want to read. In his free time, he likes to play football and read Stephen King.