Types of videos to use through the sales funnel stages

Written by Launa Irvine | 8th March 2023

Two video players moving through a funnel.
It is a very straight forward science: the sales funnel has a top, middle and bottom. The main goal of a sales funnel is to move consumers through the different stages of the sales process until they are ready to buy your product. Video material can be used very effectively to achieve just that. However, we need to know what sort of video would be most appropriate for each stage in the sales funnel to get optimal results.

Let’s briefly consider the three main parts of the sales funnel to find out which videos would be best in each of the stages:

The top of the sales funnel

At the top of the funnel we still try to attract the consumer – to get their attention. This would be the very first step towards securing a lead. This is the “awareness” stage. Here, videos are needed that will allow the potential customer to discover you and your product. Image-videos of good audio-visual quality and aesthetic appeal are important at this first stage of the sales funnel. Create product videos as teasers that simply showcase the product and tempt or intrigue the viewer. Do not try to sell products at this point – the aim is simply to prompt new customers to find out more!

At the top of the sales funnel we can also use very short and to the point videos that give consumers useful information, perhaps in the form of advice, to draw their attention to your brand and make them want to know more. Alternatively, in this first stage, an interesting company story may work to get people’s attention.
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The middle of the sales funnel

In the middle of the funnel we aim to give interested consumers more information to help them in their decision making. This is the “interest and decision” stage. The consumer has not yet made any commitment. In fact, the prospect may also be interested in your competitor’s product. At this stage, the potential customer is trying to find out more. So, here we need a product video that sheds more light on the product and brand.

“About us” videos work well in the middle of the sales funnel as they help to eliminate doubts about your product or brand. This is where explainer videos come into play. They enable you to explain more about what your product or service does and how it works. As such, explainer videos are best used halfway down the sales funnel, to help the consumer in their decision making process.

As consumers get closer to the point where they will make a decision about your product, it is important to make a final appeal to convince them to buy your product. What you want to do at this stage of the sales funnel is to answer questions before consumers look elsewhere. Alternatively you can aid them in their decision making by showinghow easy and useful your product is. This is achieved best by means of a short demonstration video.

In addition, videos with case studies and customer testimonials may also help convince consumers to make the purchase. Make sure these videos are authentic and natural – putting on a big act will only be off-putting. Other videos that may raise interest include tutorials, customer reviews, and product comparisons. By the end of this section in the sales funnel the consumer should have sufficient knowledge to be ready to choose your product.

The bottom of the sales funnel

The bottom of the funnel is the point where we convince the consumer that they definitely need and want to get the product, prompting them to make a decision. This is the “action” stage where a purchase is made. You may need to answer final questions – so, include FAQ videos here. This stage is also an opportunity to create a lasting relationship between you and the consumer. For example by using personalised videos that shower extra attention on the buyer, in the form of special offers, thank you videos, tips, or additional training.

And so, a consumer progresses from being aware of the product, to becoming interested, to thinking about the product in terms of decision making. Ultimately, the desired outcome is to take action and buy the product.

Understanding your sales funnel will help decide what sort of videos to use during the journey. Each of the phases requires a different approach. And using the right type of video at each stage of the funnel will help you to convert more prospects into paying customers.

In your next video campaign, take the time to carefully consider the various sales funnel stages and the types of videos best used in each stage for optimal results!

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