The Power of Video for Sales: Sealing the Deal

Written by Tim Moss | February 10 2023
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As a sales professional, you know the importance of making a strong impression on prospects. In today’s digital age, video is an important and effective tool in the sales process. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 89% of people say watching a video convinced them to buy a product or service. ¹
  • Using video to engage with customers results in higher response rates for more than 70% of sales reps.²
  • 92% of sales professionals say video has a good ROI.¹

The question is – are you maximizing your opportunities to use video for sales? If the answer is no, you’re missing out. Here we outline three easy ways you can incorporate video into the end of your sales cycle.

Explain your product simply and clearly (using video, of course!)

An icon containing a grey figure explaining a product signified by a light bulb inside a screen showcasing how you can use product video for sales
We’ve all been there – your prospect is warmed up, and a potential purchase is imminent. This is where video comes in. For a successful sale, it’s important that prospects truly understand your solution and its benefits. At the end of the sales cycle, explainer videos are an effective way to achieve this goal. They cut through the jargon and make complex issues easy to understand. As a result, your prospects are better informed and more likely to purchase.

But what do you have to consider when explaining your product to maximize your results? At a high level, you should consider the following when developing an explainer video for sales:
  • Reduce your message to the essentials. Always keep an eye on your target group, identify their pain points, and consider which information is relevant to them and which you can confidently omit.
  • Deliver your message in under three minutes. A short explainer video is a good explainer video.
  • Use simple language and avoid technical terms and abbreviations. This will only confuse your target audience and risk losing their attention.
  • Tell a story. Help your viewers identify with your content (and ultimately your solution!) by making it relatable through storytelling. Plus, when you use the storytelling technique, it makes your content generally more memorable.
With these tips, you’ll be equipped to write a compelling script, and you’ve taken the first step towards creating an explainer video! Want to make script writing even easier? You can write your script directly in simpleshow video maker and the platform leverages Artificial Intelligence to transform your text into a video with just the click of a button. It identifies the most important keywords and suggests suitable illustrations. The result: an animated video that explains your topic, product or solution in a way that everyone can understand immediately. Your prospects will develop a deeper understanding of your product or solution – which can be the deciding factor in making a purchase.
When creating a product video, think about what you want to accomplish and ensure the video content fits that goal. By explaining your product in a simple and clear way, you can attract new customers or re-engage inactive leads. You can explain the ROI or value of your product, introduce new features, or address the potential concerns of your target audience. So keep your audience and your goal in mind throughout the sales cycle, and your product videos are sure to deliver!

Create transparency: How to explain pricing with explainer videos

A price tag with three dollar signs on it showcasing how you can utilize video to explain complex pricing
Have you ever trouble explaining your product pricing? You can also easily solve this with videos at the end of the sales funnel. You already know explainer videos are ideal for explaining complex facts in a simple way, and this also includes pricing! But how do you approach breaking down pricing in video format?
  • Explain the scope of the product, as well as additional services and add-ons, with the help of videos. This gives your target group a better impression of your product, and they immediately link it to their own needs. Again, always keep your target audience in mind and consider what information is relevant to them.
  • Pro Tip: Use storytelling to help your audience make an emotional connection to your solution.
    • Instead of using extensive price tables, present your prices in an explainer video. We are constantly confronted with many lists and tables. By approaching the pricing conversation in a new way, you can grab your prospect’s attention much more successfully.
    • To justify the price of your product in a video, it’s essential to communicate its value proposition. Highlight your product’s unique selling points, and include case studies to demonstrate the real-world impact it can have. By doing so, you can effectively persuade potential customers that your product is a valuable investment that will deliver tangible benefits and help them achieve their goals.

    Turn meetings and webinars into a richer experience with explainer videos

    A computer screen showing webinar participants next to a video player containing an image of a light bulb and an increasing graph signifying the use of recap video for sales
    As a sales professional, you already know webinars can be a powerful tool at the end of your sales funnel. Webinars and meetings allow customers to ask questions and interact directly with you. This can help address potential customers’ concerns and increase their interest in the product or service. But have you ever thought about including explainer videos as a part of your webinar or meeting? Consider using video in the following ways to help give your webinars and meetings that extra punch.
  • Show a professional video in the Zoom waiting room to make an immediate impression and gain the trust of your audience.
  • Use an explainer video at the beginning of the webinar or meeting to provide an overview of the content.
  • Reinforce key points and clarify next steps at the end of every meeting using video.
  • After the webinar or meeting, send all participants a recap video that summarizes the most important content. By providing additional resources and information, you ensure that the prospect is fully informed and ready to move forward in the sales process.
  • Videos at the end of your sales funnel make all the difference

    To say it simply, explainer videos can make a major impact at the end of your sales funnel. Want to clarify information about your solution – use an explainer video. Need to break down your pricing in a way that doesn’t make your prospect’s head spin – use an explainer video. Host a webinar or meeting that really leaves an impression – add explainer videos.

    Ready to learn more about how you can easily add explainer videos to your sales process? Click here to start closing more deal using video for sales.
    ¹ Wyzowl 2022 ² Vidyard 2022

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