How to Boost Your Customer Engagement Strategy With Video

Written by Launa | January 11 2022
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Customer engagement is a no-brainer: loyal customers are what any company needs to flourish and build a favorable reputation. Customer engagement ultimately serves to build a loyal customer base. If you want to be ahead of your competitors, it is no longer only about a good product or an excellent service. Meaningful engagement is also required.

Customers will be far more engaged if you make it easy for them to resolve any issues or inconveniences they may encounter. Customer engagement and customer experience are, therefore, closely related. To put it plainly: customers will quickly disengage if they find your product and service complicated and cumbersome but will easily engage if they have a pleasant customer experience!

To plan customer engagement strategies, one needs to put oneself in the shoes of a customer. Consider what they value, what their interests are, and where their concerns may lie. Then create relevant content that will satisfy those needs.

One of the best ways to engage customers is by using short videos. One can convey more information using videos than using text. This is because people pay more attention to what is shared in video format. Reading text seems like hard work, while watching videos is more convenient, engaging, entertaining, and memorable.

Consider what sort of video material your customers may find helpful. Here are a few ideas for the use of video in your customer engagement strategy:

Onboarding videos

Your customer engagement strategy can start with onboarding videos that will persuade customers to stick with your product rather than trying an alternative brand. Think about the initial questions that customers may have. Then answer those questions by creating engaging videos that solve a single question per video. This will make it easy for customers to find the advice they need in the initial stages of using the product. This is a great way of using video in your customer engagement strategy!

Special messages

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Consumer engagement increases when customers feel that you are in tune with their needs and interests. Video helps to create personalized customer experiences. Identify what specific customers want and then send them a video that relates to their concerns. For example, you can make customers feel valued by sending to them special messages like thank you messages that will not only remind them of you, but also offer something beneficial. By doing this you keep in touch with customers, giving them a sense of your loyalty towards them. It is a functional customer engagement strategy that could not be more straight-forward. (See how this is implemented in our video example below.)

Company story

A video screen showcasing a story
Traditionally, the origin of video is closely related to stories: initially, film was used to tell stories through moving images. Today, video is used for a great variety of purposes, but does not overlook the obvious: tell a story! What story? The story of your company, the story of your vision, the story of your mission – these can all give customers a reason to believe in your company and to feel that they are part of your journey. This is a great engagement strategy using video.

Helpful tips

Consumer engagement is also boosted when you provide customers with helpful tips and solutions relating to your product or service. Reliable and practical tips can come in the form of short explainer videos that can be posted on multiple channels to benefit your customers. Alternatively, provide videos with product updates, or with relevant industry news that keen customers may find interesting. If you are a company that provides the answers and stays at the top of your game your customers will definitely remain engaged.


Use video to briefly explain to customers how they can make contact with you. You may just want to give them that assurance that you are available if they need you. Your video may explain how your live chat support can offer immediate help should problems arise. You may want to explain how to access other channels for customer support – e.g. that customer support can be accessed from the dashboard or sidebar. The video may also include other contact details, like a phone number or email address. To provide contact details in video format will impress – it is going beyond a mere contact link at the bottom of a webpage!


An icon of a speech bubble surrounded by question marks signifying FAQs
Short videos with the most pressing FAQ can also make customers feel that you value them and try to make life easy for them. It simply is far more convenient to quickly have a question answered by watching a short to-the-point video than by reading text. The key to successful customer engagement always starts with reducing effort on the part of the customer. So, anticipate your customers’ needs and potential questions. Then provide answers and solutions in the form of short explainer videos.

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