Tips to Get Views on Your YouTube Video through Hashtags

Tips to Get Views on Your YouTube Video through Hashtags

  • Are you a growing YouTuber
  • Does the viewership algorithm seem complicated to you?
  • Are you looking for simple yet effective ways to increase your view count?


If your answer to the questions we have asked above is in affirmation, then worry not and read on as we resolve your issue.

7 Workable Tips To Up That View Count Using HashtagsEver since its inception in 2005, YouTube has continued a staggering growth over the decade. And now, as the new decade has started, we can easily say that YouTube is the most versatile platform out there. From so many different types of content creators to even more different types of content genres, YouTube has replaced traditional television in our households. And as many more businesses realize its worth, it has become the number one source of marketing and advertising for them.

According to the YouTube statistics published on Hootsuite, the platform hit 2 billion monthly logged-in users as of 2020. Considering such incredible numbers of users and the audience of the medium, it is understandable if you think why your videos don’t do well and garner a good view count.

Among many other ways that you can try to resolve this, we present to you, Hashtags.


7 Workable Tips To Up That View Count Using Hashtags

The following are some incredible tips and tricks that you can use to integrate hashtags within your video titles and descriptions to increase your video view count organically.


1. Follow What YouTube Says

The best way is to listen and follow what YouTube Guidelines, Help, and Policies have to say about the feature. It states,

  • After you have successfully uploaded a video, you can enter the hashtag in the video’s title or description. For instance, #Mystery #Thriller
  • The hashtags in the title and description will automatically be hyperlinked.
  • If you do not add any hashtags in the title, then the first three hashtags that you have added in the description will show above the video title.
  • The viewers can click on the hashtags that show in your video title, above your video title or in the description to find a search results page related to the hashtag.
  • Hashtags should not contain any spaces. For example, #OneByOne


2. Amalgamate Your SEO Strategy

Amalgamate Your SEO StrategyHashtags work like keywords for videos. So the best practices to reap their benefits are to apply your SEO strategy in this domain as well. Find the right keywords that associate with the type of content you have created. For instance, you have made a video teaching students how to write my essay. As per the video, you can choose words like students, studies, homework, essay, writing, etc. to mention as your hashtags in the description box. Viewers who would look under these hashtags would inevitably end up finding your video.


3. Check out What’s Trending and Suggestions

Check what's trending and adjust your hashtagsOne of the best ways to decide what type of content you should make is to check out what’s trending and what does YouTube suggest when you search a random hashtag. You can even take help from other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to see which hashtag has the most searches recently. Because hashtags now work across many platforms, they can significantly help promote your video across all of them and consequently lead them to YouTube, increasing your view count. For example, you find that the hashtag buy assignment is trending as the schools are about to reopen after the summer holidays. Now you can make a video around a similar domain and utilize a popular hashtag.


4. Take It from Your Competitor

YouTube is such a vast network of creators. It is inevitable to not have a competitor or two in the line of content that you are creating. But there is a way you counter them by doing what they are doing, just better. Check out what your competitors have recently been up to. Find the hashtags they have consistently used to increase their viewership. This does not mean that you rip off their idea or plagiarize their content. All you have to do is take the hashtag that has worked to promote similar content type as yours and put out your original take on it, way better than your competitor.


5. Associate a Brand to Your Hashtag

Associate a Brand to Your HashtagsIt would be best if you associated your brand name with a hashtag. Many popular YouTubers have used this strategy around their brand image like Lilly Singh. She uses her mantra Girl Love as #GirlLove over the videos, where she talks about gender equality, feminism, or even when she makes a video talking about a fellow female creator. This will make it extremely easy for your viewers to just go to this specific hashtag that they know will show your content. As this strategy will help in easily navigating through your videos, it will consequently increase your view count.


6. Use Relevant Hashtags

Random words as hashtags have become so vague that they have irrelevant content published under their search. Even though the YouTube Hashtag Policy clearly states that,

“Don’t add hashtags that are not directly related to the video. Misleading or unrelated hashtags may result in the removal of your video.”

Still, many of the unrelated videos go undetected and lasts the lifetime. Among the cesspool of irrelevant content, even a relevant and connected video would get lost. However, it would be best if you always used related hashtags that associate with your brand, video type, topic, style, and genre not to risk the removal of your content. It allows your audience to easily find videos that they are searching for, which increases the chance of them landing on your video.


7. Don’t Run With the Idea

Being allowed to use hashtags to increase your view count does not mean that now you can take the idea and go crazy with it. Even the YouTube policies state that using more than 15 hashtags in a single video gives them the right to remove it and not consider even a single one of them. The more tags you add to your video, the less relevant they become for your viewers who are searching for it. In addition to this, you cannot add hashtags that promote harassment, bullying, hate speech, or sexual content.


In Conclusion

All in all, hashtags are a great way to increase your view count organically. The feature has become widely popular and acclaimed over many social media platforms making it very easy to promote your YouTube video. You just need to know how to use it to your best benefits and see your view count go up in no time!


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