How to Use SEO to Increase Your Company’s Profits

A business needs to generate profit to keep the business alive and help it grow. No one enters into any business to operate at a loss, thereby, using all the methods available at your disposal to increase company profits, it’s essential. Without your business earning a profit, you cannot boost the morale of individuals working in the company, attract investors, expand the business, acquire more business, and so on.

seo to increase your rankingIt is a known fact that any business that needs to increase company profits must invest in SEO. SEO offers a lot of significant benefits to businesses regardless of size and is extremely important to the growth and success of any business. It does not matter whether your company has e-commerce or non-e-commerce website; taking the time out to invest in SEO is essential, and in this post, we will be explaining to the ways to use SEO to increase your company’s profits.

The criteria for excellent SEO always changes; therefore, your business must keep up with the latest and most important SEO tactics.


What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the technique of improving the visibility of your website by making it rank very high in any search.

SEO for a better ranking

SEO can benefit your business and increase profits because:
It exposes your website and business to a vast audience
It significantly increases leads thereby increasing sales
It Increases the awareness of your brand
It builds credibility for your brand
It provides analytics and feedback for your business
It attracts a lot of traffic to your website

Therefore, to use SEO to increase your companies profits, your business needs to:



Offer Quality Content

In the world of the internet, Content reigns supreme! Providing quality content is essential to improving the ranking of your website. One of the sure ways to provide quality content is by giving an in-depth description/detail about any topic. For E-commerce websites, this can translate to showing/providing detailed descriptions about products or services. For a non-e-commerce website, this can be giving detailed and relevant facts about the topics covered in a video, blog posts, and so on.

video for seo to increase your profitsLet’s use an explainer video as a case study. These types of videos have proven to help increase your SEO ranking as well as market your products/services. This is because such visitors don’t just get to last longer on your website if they find such a video helpful they share it with their friends. It is also an essential type of content because people prefer to watch videos rather than read. Any sort of engagement on your website is beneficial and positively affects the SEO ranking of such a site because Google prefers ranking sites higher that are useful and engaging.

According to the latest Google General Guidelines overview, Content has to be useful to a user and provide the user with a quality experience. When providing Content, your goal should be to quickly and accurately pass on the information the visitor is searching for. One way to do this is ensuring that each page on your website sticks to a particular topic, which will help in making sure the user is not confused.

Your Content also has to be up-to-date and accurate. If, for example, your website is an e-commerce site, all the products/services displayed should always be up-to-date, and the descriptions should be very accurate. This encourages consumers to keep returning to your website while at the same time attracting new consumers. This not only helps your business make profits, but it also helps your SEO. It is also crucial for your company to use translation agencies like The Word Point to make sure that translated Content for a foreign audience is accurate.

Depending on the type of Content your companies website offers, Google holds specific sites to higher standards than others, and they include:

A web page that asks for personal information, e.g., driver License
A web page that offers medical advice
A Web Page used for transactions that involve money
Web pages that provide financial and legal advice
A web page that gives significant information which can impact an individual’s life

Therefore, when designing Content for your business’s website to make sure it ranks highly on SEO, make sure this ​Content is of high quality, the appropriate length, accurate, and up-to-date.


Make Sure The Website Is Secure

Providing a secure internet is very important to Google, and it takes measures to ensure that the internet is a safe place. Therefore, if you would like to see your company make monetary profits through SEO, make sure your business website is secure.

clisk for seo to increase your businessSince 2014, sites that are not HTTPS secure rank poorly on google search. HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, and its main aim is to make sure that communication over a computer network is secure. HTTPS enhances the security and privacy of users that visit your website. Outranking your competitors with similar Content for better SEO performance is possible if your site has HTTPS, and their site does not.

As of July of 2018, Google has labeled sites that do not have HTTPS ‘not secure.’ A survey carried out by a UK company stated that sixty-four percent of people would leave a website that is not secure. This is because most of these users consider non secure sites to be counterfeit websites, riddled with viruses, and have unreliable Content.

Eighty- one percent of the top hundred sites on the internet are HTTPS secure. Therefore, if you want to establish a trustworthy brand identity, which translates into monetary profits for your business, you have to make sure your website is HTTPS secure.


Faster Page Load Time

Making sure your website loads quickly is essential for it to have a good SEO ranking. The majority of individuals pay a lot of attention to the load speed of a website and will exit a site if it does not load quickly.

faster loading for the seo to increase your successA survey shows that a page that takes more than three seconds to load increases the bounce rate by about thirty-two percent. A page that takes more than five seconds to load increases the bounce rate by a whopping ninety percent. Therefore, optimizing your website page to load as quickly as possible, preferably less than three seconds, is essential for your SEO. Seventy-nine percent of customers will not return to a website that loads slowly.

A lot of factors contribute to making a website slow, but the most common reason is images that are not optimized for speed. Therefore, for your business to increase the websites load time, make sure to:

Optimize the images
Use Zip Compression
Reduce the number of redirects
Reduce the number of Ads
Make use of Caching techniques
Reduce the number of HTTPS requests
Use a CDN service
Reduce the number of flash contents



It is essential to leave no stone unturned when making sure your website ranks high to increase profit. This goes a long way to ensuring you give users a lovely experience when on your website, which increases website conversion and makes sure that your website ranks high in any google search.


About the Author Cynthia Young:

Cynthia Young loves taking every opportunity to share her knowledge with others. Along with digital marketing, Cynthia is also passionate about personal growth and wellness. When she isn’t writing, she can be found hiking with her dog, cooking Thai cuisine, and enjoying hi-tech thrillers. She also frequently writes articles on the company The Word Point translation service.