4 simple ways to enhance Learning & Development with video

Written by Daniel Anderson | February 22 2023
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Continuous Learning & Development are important for employees because it helps them grow professionally, advance in their careers, and contribute to the overall success of the organization. To make it easier for employees to absorb information, retain knowledge, and apply new skills, more and more companies are turning to video-based education programs.

So, if you’re looking for ways to boost your company’s learning and development initiative, keep reading. We’ll be exploring four simple ways that corporations are using video to drive employee engagement, foster a culture of learning, and improve business results.

4 ways that video can enhance Learning & Development

To upskill your employees and ensure your company stays competitive, try these four video-based strategies:

1) Create bite-sized tutorials for best Learning & Development results

Bite-sized tutorials are short, focused videos that are easy to create and watch, making them a great tool for companies looking to enhance their employee training and development. These tutorials can be used to teach employees new skills, processes, or software quickly and effectively.

Here are a few examples of how companies can create and use bite-sized tutorials:
  • Software training: Companies can develop tutorials that show how to use specific software programs, tools, or applications. These tutorials may provide step-by-step instructions, over-the-shoulder demonstrations, or quick tips and tricks.
  • Process training: Businesses can film tutorials to walk employees through specific processes, such as customer service, onboarding, or project management. After seeing the instructions, examples, and best practices, employees will be better equipped to perform their jobs efficiently.
  • Compliance training: Companies can use bite-sized tutorials to provide employees with information about important policies and procedures, such as workplace safety, data protection, or ethics. These videos help ensure that employees are up-to-date with all legal requirements.
Bite-sized tutorials are a simple but effective way for companies to provide training and development opportunities to their team members. These videos can be created quickly, watched at any time, and used to deliver information in a way that is easy to understand and retain.
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2) Offer video-based courses

Video-based courses allow companies to provide training opportunities to new employees and upskill opportunities to existing staff at any time. Without needing to repeatedly invest in physical materials or training staff, companies can offer on-demand educational resources to their teams.

Video courses are especially helpful in these contexts:
  • Onboarding: As remote work becomes the norm, businesses can use explainer videos for onboarding and training. New team members can review these videos, as well as any welcoming and introductory materials to get an overview of the company, its culture, and its policies.
  • Career development: Companies may offer video courses to provide employees with information and guidance on career development, such as leadership training, project management, or strategic thinking. These courses not only benefit the enrolled employees but also help the company retain top talent.
  • Skills development: Companies can create video courses to teach employees new skills, such as software programs, sales techniques, or customer service best practices. Because these types of courses are flexible and self-paced, employees are able to learn at their own pace.
Video-based courses allow employees to fit learning into their own schedules and continue to develop professionally. Companies should consider leveraging this technology to ensure their teams stay up-to-date and well-equipped for success.

3) Record expert presentations for Learning & Development

Recording expert presentations and making them available for internal learning and development help to share knowledge and best practices company-wide. Businesses can also complement these comprehensive presentations with shorter explainer videos that distill the main takeaways.

Here are a few reasons why this practice is so valuable:
  • Wider reach: In general, presentations can be attended by only a limited number of employees. But by recording these talks, companies can distribute the knowledge and expertise shared in the presentation to a much wider audience.
  • Convenient access: Employees can watch recorded presentations at any time, making it easier for them to fit learning and development opportunities into their schedules.
  • Reinforcement of key messages: By being able to revisit expert presentations, companies can reinforce important messages and help employees retain the information shared during the talk.
  • Opportunity for reflection: Because employees can pause, rewind, and rewatch recorded presentations at will, they are better able to reflect on the information shared. This helps to deepen their understanding and apply the newfound knowledge in their work.
If your company hosts talks on new products or services, industry trends and innovations, company strategy, or specific technical or operational skills, consider recording and sharing them for employees to watch. In doing so, you can improve accessibility and extract greater value from each presentation.

4) Encourage video-based collaboration

Video conferencing has become the norm, but video-based collaboration extends far beyond meeting and talking. It involves employees working together online in real-time, with the goal of fostering community. Explainer videos can be paired with this practice to summarize and reinforce any major announcements, company-wide news, or policy updates.

Companies benefit from this improved collaboration in the following ways:
  • More effective communication: Face-to-face collaboration allows employees to communicate in a more traditional way, even when they are remote. This helps to build camaraderie, trust, and engagement among team members.
  • Deeper relationships: Regular video-based interactions strengthen relationships and encourage employees to get to know each other better. And when employees feel more connected, they are more likely to be productive and successful in their roles.
  • Celebrate diversity and inclusion: Video-based team collaboration brings together employees from different locations and departments, promoting a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture. This, in turn, can lead to a greater sense of belonging, improved employee retention, and better recruitment outcomes.
Video-based collaboration is a powerful tool for culture building. By embracing this technology and encouraging employees to use it, companies can create a more connected and engaged workforce.

Final thoughts

Adopting video for your learning and development initiatives can revolutionize the way your employees learn and grow. By providing engaging, interactive, and accessible content, you can make training and development more effective and impactful than ever before.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to drive better business results and boost employee engagement. Explainer videos can take your learning and development program to the next level.

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Author.Daniel Anderson is a marketing expert who writes about building, buying, and scaling businesses.
Learn how to turn ideas into income and plan for financial freedom with the step-by-step guides at TheMoneyManiac.com.
Daniel Anderson is a marketing expert who writes about building, buying, and scaling businesses. Learn how to turn ideas into income and plan for financial freedom with the step-by-step guides at TheMoneyManiac.com.

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