Why should Companies use Videos in 2020?

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Reasons why Companies should use Videos in 2020


7 More Reasons for Videos in 2020

1. Video boosts online presence

Companies should use video in 2020 because video helps with SEO. Companies that have video content on their websites are more likely to make it onto the first page of search engine results. This is because search engines recognize that videos are “appreciated content” and therefore include them in search results. Due to the general popularity of videos a company will draw more traffic to their website, which is also crucial for SEO. What’s more, the number of times your video gets viewed, or is shared, increases your chances of desirable ranking on search engines.

2. Video increases brand awareness

brand awareness for companiesGripping video content is often shared on social media. People are far more likely to share video than text. Social networks are therefore great vehicles for spreading brand awareness. With the right video you can ensure that social media users like it and share it, especially if the video is entertaining, funny, or engaging. And so, the more your video material gets shared, the greater your brand awareness!




3. Video has a long shelf-lifevideos for companies

Videos can be used over and over again. Video can briefly be taken out of circulation and then be re-used afresh at a later stage. It can be edited to create newer versions. It can be divided into short sections to make a series of videos. There are countless options as to how video can be re-used over time, making them a cost-effective strategy that will give you great ROI.


4. Videos are everywhere

video is everywhere for companiesIt is so easy to access video material! Gone are the days when videos were only watched on static desktops. Video is mobile, as devices on which video are viewed are now increasingly mobile! Video is accessed on tablets and smartphones on a daily basis across the world. Chances are very good that most people watch at least one video per day, if not more! So, on the go, wherever people are, your videos can be viewed. Your company can be promoted and be appreciated. But that’s not all: even employee training videos can be accessed nearly anywhere at any time! This can advance company practice and ensure that your employees stay at the top of their game!


5. Video communication is effective

communication in companiesVideo enhances communication as viewers hear the intended tone of voice and also see images that are designed to have maximum impact. Clear communication builds customer trust. With increased trust conversion rates increase, as people become more comfortable with your product / service and with your company. Targets literally see it for themselves. (Let’s not forget, an image speaks a thousand words…) Moreover, images linger on in the mind for longer than text – people are more likely to remember your video than your leaflet! Video makes communication clearer and more memorable!


6. Video showcases products / services best

Video helps targets to know and understand best how your product / service works. Videos that showcase your products / services aid decision-making and puts targets in a better position to decide if your product / service is the right choice for them. How-to-videos are highly sought after – demand for them has increased in recent years and continues to do so. So a video that features your product / service and explains a related topic will draw your target audience. The use of how-to explainer videos is a great way to get noticed!


7. Video strengthens email campaigns

email campaign for companiesCompanies should use video in 2020 because video helps to launch effective email campaigns. Video prompts people to (at the very least) open your email and then to continue watching your video. This, in turn, may increase chances of positive responses to a call of action. A video in your email campaign also allows you to build a personal connection with your target audience. With the right video you can show that you understand your target audience’s needs and offer products / services that provide them with perfect solutions. The use of video in your email campaign is a direct and simple way to engage your target audience effectively.