10 Business Video Ideas for Your Company

Companies that overlook the importance of the role that video plays in the 21 century are taking a risk! If you want to be seen you need to embrace video and make sure that you make great use of this engaging medium. Let’s consider 10 business video ideas for your company: 

1. Product Video

This is the first and most important must-have business video! A product video can take various forms. It can be about the history of your product, about how your product works, about the benefits of your product, or about how to use your product. It could even be about how the product is made! Make sure to portray the product as special and unique and as something that people need to have!

The product video is the first and more important must-have business video.

2. FAQ Video

Frequently Asked Questions that are made into a short informative video is another great idea for a business video. Prospective customers are bound to have questions. Most common questions about your brand can be answered in a quick and efficient way by an expert on your team. At the same time, relevant images can be used to enhance the answer. 

3. Announcements

Video can skilfully be used to make company announcements. Excitement should ooze out of this type of video! It provides an alternative way to make announcements. For example, the following can all be announced with a video:

– promotions

– new team members

– exciting snippets of company news

– competitions

– winners

– achievements / awards

– achievers

– company events

– new product releases

Video annoncemenets are another great idea for a business video

4. Company Culture Video

A Company Culture Video is a great way to make people feel part of your company – it creates a sense of familiarity and a sense of belonging. (The company vision and story can also be shared in video format.) When customers feel that they know what you stand for and what you are about they are more inclined to make use of your product / service. They feel that they know you even before they have really had contact with your company.

5. Summary Video

A video that summarises relevant company information can be very useful indeed. For example, the highlights of a trade show, conference or employee training session can be summarized and shared. This type of video does not have to stay in the company, but can be shared with a wider audience to show your company as being proactive and dynamic in its field.

6. Thank You Video

One way to make people feel appreciated is to simply say thank you. Make the thank you even more special by saying so in a video! Personalized thank you videos will be remembered and may influence subsequent purchases or play a role in being recommended! So, send thank you videos to loyal customers and even to those who regularly read your blog or to social media subscribers.

Personalized thank you videos are a great way for you to show your customers that you value them.

7. Special Offer Video

People love special offers, especially if they see it as a genuine good deal! If you have a special offer to make, do so in a video advertisement! Highlight the key information regarding the special offer. Specify what requirements are needed to qualify for the special offer. And definitely say what action needs to be taken to make use of the special offer. 

8. Video featuring Consumers

Customers and potential customers benefit from seeing and hearing from each other. A video that features customers giving reviews of your product or sharing tips about the use of your product can effortlessly convert leads. Video record consumers who have been asked to share what they think of your product. Also ask them to give tips to future customers. 

9. Insider Video

People like having a peep behind the scenes! It caters to curiosity and, at the same time, can make consumers feel more comfortable doing business with you. Show your team as real people in real situations. Do not spare minor blunders and fun aspects of office life! (This especially brings engagement if it is done in a tongue-in-cheek manner and can go a long way in nurturing new customers!)

10. Presentation Video

If you need to champion investors or get new clients by pitching to large corporations you may want to consider making use of a presentation video. This type of business video can successfully be used as an introduction, showing briefly who your company is and what your product is about. It makes the presentation more interesting and also gives it a sophisticated and professional feel. Moreover, the product is shown and not just imagined; the company is showcased and not just mentioned.