A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Take Your Social Media Strategy to the Next Level

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Can you name a brand, product, or service that has zero presence on social media? That’s a hard task, isn’t it? Most brands you know have already built some kind of presence on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other social sites. 

But do they all have a strong strategy? No! You’ll notice many pages struggling to gain attention within all that crowd. The audience is suffocated by sponsored posts, influencer marketing, and paid ads on these platforms. To get their attention, you have to take your social media marketing approach to the next level. 

We’ll give you a few techniques to help you do that. 

Steps: How to Boost Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Develop a Strategy and Build It On

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The first step is to identify the goals you want to achieve with your social media marketing campaign. The most common mistake that business owners make is posting random updates and sharing them across platforms. Without precise aims, how do you know if your strategy is successful?

List the goals. 

Set a precise number of followers you intend to reach over a certain period of time. 

What kind of engagement do you want? Likes, shares, comments… What will you focus on the most?

How much will you invest in paid ads and how many customers do you intend to reach that way?

How many blog posts and social media posts will you share? Will you hire a paper writing service like UK dissertation to help you with content? How many writers will you hire and what topics will you cover?

How many conversions do you want this campaign to result within a month?


At first, it seems impossible to set precise goals. Do it anyway! You may miss the mark, but reports will help you understand what you’re doing wrong. 

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter give you dashboards. They give you numbers about the followers, likes, engagement, and reach you achieved within a specific timeframe. Compare those results with your plans and think: do you need to change the course of action? Some posts will do better than others, so analyze them. They hit the right spots with your audience, so maybe you’ll want to focus on that category of posts in the future. 

Your strategy should be flexible.  


Convey How Eco Friendly You Are

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Millennials are the generation with the highest purchasing power at the moment. This is also a peculiar generation, which is more environmentally friendly when compared to any other. They have an eco-friendly mindset and focus on the greater good when buying things. It’s exactly why organic cosmetics, vegan food, and eco-friendly brands are so popular right now. 

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When you’re promoting your brand online, draw attention to the fact that it doesn’t cause damage to the environment. Highlight non-governmental initiatives that you support. Increase awareness about a particular eco cause and invite your followers to take action.  Social media is the perfect place for you to show how clean your brand is. 

Take a look at Timberland’s Instagram profile. You’ll immediately notice this “green marketing” trend. Even the description of the profile tells you: “In everything we do + make, we focus on building better products, stronger communities + a greener world. #NatureNeedsHeroes”. It makes sense.   


Use Tools to Plan and Conduct Your Strategy


Don’t underestimate social media marketing for being easy. It’s a complex, long-term process. When you get into it, you shouldn’t give up. Brands from Coca-Cola to your local cosmetics studio are trying to find their place in the world of social media. No one gets the easy way here. 

That being said, with the help of  my colleagues from Essay Helper, we have discovered that there are tools that can make certain aspects of the strategy easier for you. 


This is a to-do app that lets you set goals and move them across boards. It’s a team management app, too. If you assign three tasks for the day, you can distribute them between the members of your team, and they will update you on their progress directly in the app. 


You have longer YouTube shares or other video content that you’d like to edit out? You can use Story Slicer to make it digestible for social media users. The tool is simple to use even if you don’t have previous experience with video editing. 


With so much visual content on social media, people rarely notice text. You’ll gain attention with impressive visuals. Canva is a great tool to help you create them. You can use it for dedicated social media visuals, presentations, infographics, posters, and more.


When you target multiple social media platforms, the numbers of followers will keep growing. Your audience will get more engaged, but they will also expect more from you. Delivering can be a problem, since you have other tasks on your list as well. 

Hootsuite can make that part easy. It’s a single dashboard for all social media profiles for your brand. You can manage comments and engagement from one place. You’ll also schedule posts to be shared at the right time. 


Video content can get you a lot of attention on social media. However, professional video marketing is very expensive. You’d have to hire models or actors and invest in a high-quality ad. There’s a more affordable option that’s equally as effective: create an explainer video

mysimpleshow for social media strategy

With mysimpleshow, you can create great videos that explain how your target users will benefit from your products or services the most. If you have a particularly unique product, you can explain how it’s used. You can also introduce your brand or guide the users through the online ordering process. The tool is very easy to use. You don’t have to hire graphic designers and editors to create a great explainer video.  


Do You Have Your Strategy?

Everyone has a goal when they start social media marketing: get more popular. That’s cool. You have a goal. But did you develop precise steps on how to achieve it? 

You’ll take your strategy to the next level when you plan it to the tiniest detail. Do you know what helps? Conveying the brand’s eco-friendliness and using different tools to manage the campaign!


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