Case Study: Pitching a Business Strategy using simpleshow

In September 2016, graduate student Gali Mingazov used mysimpleshow at a University seminar to pitch a business strategy. The seminar was one of the requirements to achieve the CEMS diploma, an international diploma in addition to a Master’s degree awarded by the most prestigious business schools worldwide. This time at Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland, CEMS business students from all over the world gathered for an intensive session about the focus topic Corporate Social Responsibility.

As an assignment, attendees formed teams of 4 and were given 3 days to provide a strategy for one of the largest Finnish corporations, tracking their social responsibility activities. On the last evening before the presentation, Gali thought the presentation needed a highlight. So he decided to create a mysimpleshow video in addition to his team’s PowerPoint presentation. In about 2 hours, he made a 3-minute video about the proposed strategy, explaining how students see the problem and how they want to tackle it.

Although Gali and his team were the last group to present on a long day of sometimes endless presentations, the video managed to capture the attention of the audience. After the video, the discussion immediately focused on the core messages delivered in the video. Not only did the CEO of the corporation approve of the video, stating it was a great idea and that it was highly impressive, the overall result was a convincing presentation that was easy to understand, earning top grades for the team.

A couple of days later, Gali also used mysimpleshow to enhance his strategy presentation for the COO of one of the largest Russian beer brewery companies while in St. Petersburg and again the result was amazing, leaving Gali with another top grade.


Considering how Gali used mysimpleshow, making videos works for business, education, and presentations overall. Videos are attractive for students and CEO’s alike, and using mysimpleshow leaves viewers impressed. As he experienced, impacting an audience is easier with mysimpleshow! The cognitive association created by watching the video makes it memorable, sparks interest, and inspires people to ask questions about the tool.

After both presentations, other students were asking about the tool and how he found the time to make a video. After he showed them mysimpleshow, many of the students subscribed and tried it out themselves.

The one question Gali heard again and again was: How can a professional video be created in such a short time? He simply stated that the tool was easy to navigate because of the the 4-step guided video creation process provided, and that it didn’t cost him anything.



At the end of it all, Gali summarized with a smile: “Creating a video with mysimpleshow was the perfect idea to convince my fellow students, professor, and company executives of our business model. I knew explaining my idea in a simple and memorable way would make a difference and leave a lasting impression. There is no better way to becoming the best in class ;)”