Why Video Automation Is Valuable

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Time is essential. It provides with opportunities to achieve great things while simultaneously acts as a resource that limits our capabilities. We are dependent on time as we try to schedule and plan out our busy lives. Who doesn’t love the chance to save time in order to be more productive and dive deeper into our businesses? Automation is a time saver and something we are moving towards. Video automation is valuable because it saves time!

Why Video Automation Is Valuable

Statistics hypothesize that video data will account for 80% of all website data by 2020.  That’s just another important reason to understand the value of video automation.


Today’s businesses strive on using video for a variety of purposes ranging from marketing and sales to HR and recruitment. It is used as a medium to engage with the audience. Video automation provides you with the answers to questions like: who watched it, how often was it watched, and when was the video viewed? By integrating a video platform that contains an automation process you are able to utilize the video and its data in innovative ways.


One of the driving forces for businesses are conversions. Understanding and mapping the path of a user’s conversations and engagement are crucial to gain insights into user’s interests. Therefore, video automation can be used to track behavior trends, leading to increased conversions. It aims at increasing campaigns to be more data-driven, decrease risks, and enhance understanding of the target audience.

Benefits of Video Automation

why video automation is valuable

For automation to be successful, it must be simple. Complex systems will result in more time spent on unnecessary explanation and a more difficult learning curve. So, automation strives to be straightforward. Using video automation illuminates a variety of positive effects that will boost your business.

Automated user engagement

From the inspected data, it is possible to use video automation for target-oriented emails where the content is based on video behavior. Users can be re-engaged through follow up emails or videos. Targeted content that is relevant to the viewed video can also be created.

Landing pages

Video automation shows its benefits when it comes to providing a base for landing pages and product pages.

Social Media

why video automation is valuableTimes have changed and everything is interconnected these days. Video automation feeds on this and creates shareable data that is selected and analyzed. The simplicity of sharing makes it possible to be present on numerous databases to increase conversions. Using videos on social media helps make your company more present online.


Videos can be used to attract new subscribers, increase leads and find new contacts.


Probably the most attractive benefit for all remains the time-saving aspect of video automation. Once a system is in place, several processes require less workforce by pre-selecting data. This simplifies the process of identifying needs and wishes of customers, employees, and clients.

It is apparent that besides increasing engagement and conversions, video automation aids in saving time and creating relevant, target oriented content.