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How to use video to enhance your landing page performance

We already gave you some really good reasons as to why you should have an explainer video on your landing page. And sure, where there is a WHY there is a HOW, which tells you the simple rules to keep in mind to have your explainer video enhance your landing page performance. 


1. Top position 

Position your video on top of your landing page

Position your explainer video in the first visible screen of your landing page so visitors don’t have to scroll down before they get to your explainer video. This will have a significant impact on the amount of views and therefore increase your landing page performance.


2. The shorter the better

Keep your explainer video short

In one of our other posts we already explained why your explainer video should be two minutes or less. Don’t give your viewers the impression that you’ll steal their valuable time – it’s important! If they see that your explainer video will take more time than they have available or are willing to spend on the topic, they are going to skip it, or worse – leave your website.


3. Tell them what to do!

A call to action is utterly important to increase your landing page performance

Don’t forget the call to action! Shall they subscribe to your newsletter, download a whitepaper, visit your shop, leave their number so you can contact them, become a follower on social media? Whatever you wish them to do, make it easy for them to act!

4. The super thumbnail

choose your video thumbnail wisely

Choose your video thumbnail wisely! It’s the first thing your visitors will see and therefore should arouse interest! So what kind of image would make you click the play button?

As this article reports: A start-up in San Francisco saw a 70.9% increase in conversions as soon as they changed their video thumbnail. That’s one impressive conversion boost! 

5. To autoplay or not to autoplay?

There are good reasons for autoplay

The opinions are divided. Some might say you landing page performance will increase when autoplay is activated as your website visitors will understand your message in a couple of seconds. Some may say visitors will leave your website much faster when using video autoplay as people will feel annoyed. There are valid arguments for both sides of the coin. Which leads us to the last point…

6. Test it! Test again!

test test and test again

That’s the cool thing about your own website: You are the master of it. You’re holding the analytics in your hand, you see the results and you can immediately adjust your measures if your landing page performance isn’t what you expected. So go ahead and try out different thumbnails, autoplay, a variety of CTAs, and see what happens.


Well, that’s about it. Now you know why you need an explainer video on your landing page and what rules to keep in mind. Anything missing? Ahh! Your explainer video maybe? So go here and start your first project!