Why Explainer Videos Enhance Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is about attracting people to your company by providing potential customers with content that is helpful, creative, engaging, and entertaining. Content that provides true value gets the attention of potential customers and draws them to your business.

Why Using Videos Enhances Inbound Marketing

Video is a highly effective inbound marketing tool and is revolutionizing the way businesses are reaching prospects and customers. With limited time and attention span available, people prefer watching short videos that provide concise information. Internet users tend to dedicate more time watching a video, compared to engaging in any other type of content. So, using video in your inbound marketing undoubtedly increases your chances to be noticed. Moreover, videos tend to increase the understanding of a brand and users seem to retain more information regarding the brand – they remember what it is about and are likely to want to know more about your company.

Still not completely convinced? Here are a few more reasons why explainer videos will enhance your inbound marketing:

  1. ŸStatistically, a majority of users visit the marketer’s website after viewing a video. Generating traffic is after all a primary goal of inbound marketing. Videos draw leads to your site and your services while increasing conversions.
  2. YouTube is a powerful search engine. So, when you upload your inbound marketing videos to YouTube you contribute significantly to the SEO boost of your desired keywords.
  3. Video will definitely help you to get seen online in social media posts. Visual content simply stands out on social media platforms. Video in your posts will increase re-tweets, shares and likes.
  4. Viewers are likely to form a stronger connection with your company after watching a video. More importantly, though, viewers who watch a product video are more likely to make a purchase.
  5. Consider how video may be used to make special offers to customers: a lead who watched an entire video may be given a special offer. Or, take this even further and also surprise the lead who has only watched half of the content with some sort of special deal as an incentive.
  6. Video may help to provide you with crucial information about just how sales-ready potential customers are. A sales-ready lead is the one who watched your entire video. This lead is likely to be ready to receive a product trial or a consultation. On the other hand, leads that drop off after 10 seconds of watching your video are not ready to buy. You may want to provide them with extra information about your brand and its benefits.

Using Video to Enhance 4 Key Inbound Marketing Actions

explainer videos enhance inbound marketing

  1. Attract

The first step is to draw individuals who can potentially become your customers. People may stumble across your excellent content “by chance”. It is therefore important to make sure that you are appearing prominently on search engines where customers attempt to find information in your field. Carefully pick keywords, build links and create content around the terms your ideal buyers are searching for.

  1. Convert

The second step is to convert individuals into leads. To do so you need to obtain their contact information. People are likely to part willingly with their contact details if you offer them something that is relevant, interesting and valuable in return. This may be in the form of eBooks, tip sheets, webinars, blog posts, informative video material, etc.

  1. Close

The next step involves turning your leads into happy customers. Your leads should be ready to buy by the end of this step.

  1. Delight

Once your leads have made a purchase you need to continue to show these customers that you still value them. Do so by means of continued interaction on social media, email and marketing automation. Delighted customers will share their positive experiences and create greater sales opportunities for your company!

Getting Started

explainer videos enhance inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing is all about providing remarkable content to users, whether they are visitors, leads, or existing customers. Just think about it: A few seconds of mysimpleshow video may boost your social presence, increase your reach, and generate more leads.

Get started with video creation by signing up with mysimpleshow to create videos that will help your buyers develop a relationship with your brand. You can make videos that provide helpful information or that offer useful tips and tricks. Share best practices, and industry guides, and make sure that your videos generally provide quality content that demonstrates how much you care about your lead’s success. Such videos will draw prospects by appealing to them on an informative level. By means of video you can continue to engage with your current customer bases, who in turn become promoters of the company they love.