Using Video at Your Start-up

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Have you considered the value of a start-up video in your new venture? Unless you can do an excellent start-up pitch (with ten slides or less!), a start-up video is definitely the way to go. With a good start-up video you can give your potential customers the information they need to get hooked onto your idea. It can be used in a pitch to attract investors, increase your revenue stream and give your start-up’s growth a great kick-start. (Alternatively, a start-up video could even be a great tool to get feedback before you even launch!)

A start-up video can be featured on your new website as a powerful online marketing tool that will attract new users and will help  make your products and services known while growing your company. Another plus- short videos work well with mobile phones too. So, if you want to explain how your company works and what sets you apart from the competition, a start-up video is the answer.

Characteristics of Great Start-Up Video

using video for your start up business

A great start-up video typically has a problem-solution format and tells a story. It explains your product / service in such a way that it shows the audience very clearly how your product / service solves a user’s problems. It is also a relatively short video. The best start-up videos effectively explain a business, product or service in two minutes or less. (It could be as little as 30 seconds! Some viewers tend to drop off after 30-60 seconds.)

Other characteristics might include fun visuals and humor, but above all, a good start-up video has exceptional clarity. It successfully engages your audience while it frames the problem and emphasizes how your product / service will solve it. It is short and sweet and to the point.

Start-Up Video Costs

Start-ups need to focus on being as cost-effective as possible in their prime, and video production can be quite pricey. Professional studios will give you a range of services and will produce your start-up video from scratch – complete with scripting, storyboarding and voice-overs. The full package could, however, cost you anything between $2,000 and $10,000!

A second option is to find amateur studios to produce your start-up video. You will still have to fork out a considerable amount, though. Then there are also various freelancer portals, for almost any creative task, where you could find a freelancer to create your video for a fair price.

Another option is to make the start-up video yourself. This means that, armed with your PC and internet connection, you will be responsible for going through all the steps involved in creating a video. You’d have to script the video, record a voiceover, create visuals, edit the video, and finally produce and render it.

Create A Free Start-Up Video

using video for your start up business

The option that you will probably benefit most from is the one that does most of the work for you, without charging you anything! How could this be done? mysimpleshow is an easy-to-use online tool that allows anyone (regardless of your creativity level) to make professional explainer videos! You simply follow the online instructions and mysimpleshow will gently guide you through the process.

Even when it comes to writing the script, mysimpleshow’s guidance makes the writing process effortless. The tool makes use of templates that take you, step-by-step, from introduction to conclusion. It then suggests video images and does the animation for you, by the click of a button. The voice-over is quick and easy too – again, simply choose and click! You end up with a professional start-up video! And it all takes just a couple of hours!

The videos are short and simple – seeing that some viewers switch off after about 60 seconds, this is precisely what you want. The process is also short and simple – in fact, no other option can match its quickness.

Unique Style Explainer Videos

mysimpleshow videos have a unique style: they make use of hand-sketched images, called “scribbles”, that build excitement and keep interest. (More website visitors click on sketched explainer videos than on other formats of explainer videos. Also, more website visitors watching sketched explainer videos remain engaged and watch the majority of a 90 second video!)

Also consider that, after your start-up video has built that initial excitement with potential customers, you could keep their interest by giving them an insider’s view on your product / service launch, by making follow-up mysimpleshow videos! These could be posted on your website. A start-up that is able to regularly keep their customers up-to-date through video, will establish a strong online presence. (It is recommended that businesses should strive to publish at least two videos per month to help boost online rankings and online presence!)

So, if you have just started a new business, check out mysimpleshow for yourself and see how you can get that start-up video that will make all the difference for your new venture.

The best part is: you can start for free! It is a no-brainer 😉