6 Useful Tips for the Perfect Elevator Pitch

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Do you have an idea that you are eager to share, but only have limited time to explain it? This is how the idea of an elevator pitch was created. You meet someone in the elevator and only have a few floors to pitch your idea, meaning you have limited time to sort your thoughts and make these few minutes count. In order to do so successfully, you must have a plan on how you want to deliver your message and what you want to bring across.

The first few minutes of every presentation are crucial and will determine how the rest of it will be handled by your audience. If you manage to offer a clear and understandable pitch based on the audience’s needs, your chances largely increase to bring your message across successfully and lead to a deeper dialogue about your topic later in the process. Another idea is to do an elevator pitch in the form of a self-created video to grasp attention and include the most important ideas in a simple and short matter.

Just like preparing your elevator speech there are some rules and guidelines you should follow when creating the perfect pitch.

6 Useful Tips for the Perfect Elevator Pitch

1. Start Off Strong

Most importantly you have to start your speech or video strong. Often people tend to make the error and address their solution right away without stating the actual problem or problem area first. Make sure you show why you want to change something, what is it you are having a solution for. Research shows that 80% of the success of your pitch depends on the opening line. Put effort into it and spark the audience’s interest. Make them care, make them want to be a part of your idea.

2. State the Product and Category

Once you have made your opening line, begin identifying the problem you have encountered and you would like to seek a solution to. Structure your talk and explain in as few words as possible what you have encountered. mysimpleshow includes these guidelines in the suitable templates to help you remember the structure for your perfect pitch.

3. Focus on Proposed Solution

Again it is important to prioritize your thoughts to enable you to show a clear understanding. Make sure to state the key benefit of your proposed solution and identify yourself with the customer’s needs.

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4. Motivate Audience Action

Your goal is to get the people to act, to buy and to be interested. Therefore, you should create a compelling and unforgettable story, preferably related to yourself to show your passion and identification with the project. It will facilitate your ability to speak naturally about it and making personal references increases the credibility of your story. Storytelling is the most important aspect of the video creation and your pitch. Use the examples in the writing stage to help you sharpen your story.

5. Timing and Structure

As mentioned before it all comes down to timing. Make sure to structure your thoughts and display this in your pitch. There should be a time for everything, so nothing is left out. Again the template division in mysimpleshow is a big aid here as it gives you a certain number of keystrokes for every section of your pitch to help you keep track of your message and its components.

6. Be Natural

Last but not least it is important to be natural. Don’t overthink it and have confidence in your abilities. Show your personal involvement and passion for the topic and relax. Practice your speech beforehand or show the video to other people as a test drive. You will feel more comfortable and will deliver it to the best of your abilities.

Benefits of Creating an Elevator Pitch Using an Explainer Video

elevator pitch 

1. mysimpleshow videos are short and snappy, and they force you to strive for clarity in order to bring your point across.

2. You show understanding of your customer’s perspective as you get into their heads and learn about their needs and problems.

3. It enables you to find people who may help you in the process of developing your business concept.

It’s time to get started on your elevator pitch. Choose a suitable template, have the guidelines in mind, and try it out!