7 Social Media Manager Tips To Stay Focused And Productive

Many people glamourize the notion of being a Social Media Manager. The idea of being on social media all day, usually in the comfort of one’s own home or on the road, is very appealing to many people.

One of the biggest issues with being a Social Media Manager is the focus. Being on social media all day offers many opportunities to be distracted. Even people with the best focus and discipline become preoccupied with looking at other people’s content on social media instead of creating their own!

Luckily, there are several tricks and tips one can implement to ensure that they stay focused. The following is a list of the most effective ones.

7  Social Media Manager Tips - Set Benchmarks

Set Benchmarks

It is important to be able to measure the amount of work one does over a period of time. A common trap Social Media Managers fall into is equating time spent on the computer with time worked. Almost everyone will know this is a false equivalency yet almost everyone falls into this trap. By setting a clear goal or expectation of what one should accomplish in a set period the content creator gets reminded that they have work to do.

An example could be something like “I need two blog posts completed in the next hour”. Setting these kinds of metrics allows the individual to better manage their time.


Nearly every successful Content Writer, SEO professional, Social Media Manager, or Content Creator uses a technique called batching to improve their productivity. “Batching involves doing all of one’s tasks in a single period of time. Whether this is days, weeks or months, instead of over sporadic intervals” writes Henry Kent, a business writer at EssayRoo and State Of Writing.

Batching has shown to reduce errors, improve efficiency time, and makes it less likely that the content creator will miss a requirement. The individual becomes immersed in what they are doing, they get into a grove, and and time is better managed.

Improve Work Environment

Many studies have shown that a clean, organized work environment ultimately has positive effects on one’s focus and productivity. There is a reason why monks in medieval abbeys who spent hours upon hours translating and transcribing text kept their living quarters so tidy; it improved their focus and was overall positive for their mental health.

Improve work environment

Improving one’s work environment is not limited to tidiness. “One of the most common ailments suffered by people who spend a large amount of time at their computer is neck and back pain caused by poor posture,” writes Sarah Klitchko, a marketing blogger at Academized and Writing Services. Investing in a quality, ergonomic, chair can help improve concentration and reduce back pain.

Develop Quality Sleeping Habits

Because many Social Media Managers work from home and usually on their own hours, they normally do not have to be anywhere at a specific time in the morning. Choosing to stay up a little later to finish a movie or watch a few more episodes of a new Netflix series can have negative effects on one’s ability to concentrate. The body has an internal clock that it uses to regulate sleep cycles and brain wave patterns. When an individual goes to bed at many different times night after night it impacts the body’s ability to properly regulate itself. Developing, and sticking to, a regular sleep cycle is one of the best ways to help maintain focus when working on social media content.

Repurpose Old Content

Creating quality content takes time. Each new blog post, video, or infographic must be thought out and well crafted if it is to have the intended effect. Pumping out too much new content can burn the social media manager out and ultimately lead to lower-quality content. A good alternative to this would be repurposing of older content for new posts or videos. Another good trick is the take articles that were written as lists and create entire posts out of one or two on the items; expanding on them with more detail and information.

Don’t Multitask

Numerous studies have shown that multitasking is not an efficient use of one’s time. Focusing on one task then moving onto the next one is significantly more efficient.

Tips Social Media Manager -Crate rich content

Create Rich Videos

The most interesting format used on social media is video. Creating a good explainer video for your brand every once in a while, as we’ve previously outlined how to do here, will make your brand stick in your audience’s head. Video is difficult to just scroll past.

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